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Favourites Friday #30

In a world where there isn’t enough time to be as chic and glamorous as you want to unless you give up sleep, it’s time to shake your head no and realize it’s easier than you think.

This week was all about getting back on my feet. I’ve been in a funk and I wanted to make this week count. Which means looking like the spunky professional college student I am! My go-tos this week were products that made me feel invincible and like Carrie from Sex and the City should bow at my feet. They’re power products if you will.

With this very short introduction (these products do speak for themselves) let me introduce you to the best products you’ll need for feeling on top of your game!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

A Chic Week: A Favourites Friday

1. Color Club That’s my Jam nail polish

Brightly coloured nail polishes are not my thing, and going outside of my neutral comfort zone is new. But if there’s one thing that will make you walk down the hall feeling like a star it’s bright red nail polish. I love this polish because it dries fast and looks fabulous. Pair it with nude sandals or your best peep toe and feel like the #BOSS you know you are.

2. American Eagle Outfitters Hi-Rise Jeggings

These jeans were made for making you love your body. They hug the right place, are comfortable, and are extremely flattering with their high-waisted shape. Pairing these jeans with any top makes any outfit that tiny bit more classy and I’ve already bought another pair because they are a new staple in my wardrobe. Everyone watch out, Morgan’s got her jeans!

3. Starbucks Peach Green Tea

It’s important to stay hydrated, and this has been my drink of choice. Thirst-quenching and completely delicious, I have made more than one Starbucks run this week. This is a great power drink because the green tea give a small boost of caffeine, but keeps your body running for a long time. Plus, it’s a lot more classy looking than bringing a Frappuccino into work.

4. Fresh Rose Face Mask

It looks disgusting, but this face mask does a whole lot in only 10 minutes. I love how much it hydrates and evens out my skin and I forget it’s on there the whole time. Within only a few uses I noticed my skin was softer and the redness in my cheeks a lot more calmed down. I love most Fresh products, and this is one I plan on having around for a bit. It make my skin luminous.

5. Whish Three Whishes Body Butter

I have the oddest skin because if I never apply lotion it’s very smooth, and when I do it starts to randomly dry out. I love this lotion because it finds a perfect medium between the two. I apply this right before bed and after my shower in the morning I shall have smooth, hydrated skin that lasts me through the day. The texture is velvety soft and my skin has been on tip-top shape since I started adding this to my nightly routine. It’s hard not to feel on top of the world when your skin feels this great.


What are your power products?

Stay classy, Internet,












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