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Favourites Friday #31

This week was a week to spread my wings and just let anything happen.

I like to play it safe, and by playing it safe I tend to lean toward the same things over and over again. Cheesy popcorn, modest clothes, neutral blush, etc. That’s who I’ve always been because that’s where I feel most comfortable. So in the spirit of my life completely changing (T-three weeks until graduation!) I thought maybe it was time I explored a little bit and tried things out of my comfort zone. Yes, they’re maybe small changes to you, but for me they were HUGE.

Sometimes being the wild card in your own life can be the most fun, and from this week I can tell you that I might be a little bit more of a ‘wild child’ in my future endeavors. Let’s see what I got up to!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

The Wild Card Week: A Favourites Friday

1. Yummy Monkey Organics kettle corn

I don’t like kettle corn and usually if it says ‘organic’ on the front I pass it up when I could be having junk food. Why have a movie day if you can’t eat butter, greasy popcorn? But I went on a limb and discovered the beauty of this naturally salty, sweet corn dessert. It is absolutely delectable and makes just about anything you’re doing more enjoyable. I will definitely be passing up my Heart Attack in a Bag for this treat from now on!

2. Benefit Hoola matte bronzer

Bronzer is one of those terrifying things of beauty because if you apply too much you look ridiculous, which scares me. Because I love natural makeup, and looking like a brown balloon is not exactly the look I’m going for. But I love this bronzer. I have applied it every day this week and have found that I enjoy how sunkissed it makes me look. It definitely was scary going out of my comfort zone (and risking the brown balloon effect) but this is a risk I am very happy I made. It’s beautiful and natural, not to mention very pigmented.

3. Desperate Housewives

I took a break from SVU to watch this fantastic show again (after stopping because I struggled to enjoy the episodes) and I love this show again! The drama and humour makes it so worth each episode, and there’s something about how Marcia Cross plays the terrifyingly perfect woman that chills me but makes me so happy!

4. Crop tops

Here’s where I went the most out of my comfort zone: Crop tops. I am by no means someone who shows a lot of skin. Actually, the most skin I show is when I wear shorts, and even then they aren’t showing my booty. So showing my midriff to people in public is absolutely terrifying. Which is kind of why I did it. And what did I learn? That wearing a crop top is all about confidence. No one gives you judgmental looks if you just rock it with some confidence. Wearing my crop top made me feel so in control and awesome, and I definitely see myself repeating this wardrobe choice because it gave me the cahones I needed.

5. Perfume samples

I don’t wear perfume. Ever. If I do it’s because I stink and it’s all I could find. I can’t smell, so I don’t know what scents smell good, and it limits me deeply. So when I have the opportunity to dig my perfume samples over the years and try a new one every day, I open myself to a lot of criticism if I smell like mothballs or baby puke. But it was a risk that taught me that sometimes just putting yourself out there with no idea how people will perceive you is so worth it. No one told me I smelled bad, and I learned that some scents made people sit closer to me or talk to me. It’s revolutionized my morning routine, and I think I’m going to try using more samples in the coming weeks.


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