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Favourites Friday #33

Are you hungry?

Whenever I’m working on big projects I am starving. I get so hungry that I end up cooking so much food that I have enough leftovers for the rest of the month – or week in this case.

As I have had all of my finals due this week (and finished with flying colors) it means that my cooking bug/eating bug has been in full force. But my recipe book has been overflowing!

This week’s favourites are based off of all the delicious things I ate while pouring over my laptop working on my big projects!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

The Foodie Week: A Favourites Friday

1. Lochmead Cookies n Cream ice cream

This ice cream is by far the most delicious thing on the planet. It comes in a big tub and every bite is like heaven. I’ve had a little bowl of this every night to treat myself after spending all day working on papers and projects.

2. Samosas

My favourite Indian food and definitely the coolest thing I found in the frozen aisle this weekend. Delicious and spicy and filling for a lunch during a busy day, a samosa is always the perfect choice.

3. Pesto chicken penne

This is an item of my own creation. I had some leftover frozen chicken breasts, pesto, and penne sitting around and a need to finish it all. So I cooked my penne, put the pesto in the chicken and baked it, and then mixed it all up for a pesto goodness of protein and pasta!

4. Bailey’s brownies

Another creation of mine, I had some brownie mix and a bottle of Irish cream and decided to make my house a little treat. Simply make the brownie mix as you normally would and then pour about a 3/4 cup of Irish cream into the mixture before pouring in the pan. Makes a yummy treat that is great for dessert!

5. Hardboiled eggs

My go-to breakfast and definitely how I keep protein in my diet when I’m too lazy to cook. Just make normal hardboiled eggs and then slice them with a fork and add salt and pepper. For sure how I kept my breakfast energy after a week of hard work!


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