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Favourites Friday #34

When life gives you lemons, invite friends over and make gin fizzes.

Sometimes life is too much, or deals a bad hand, or feels like a combination of the two. After a weekend of graduation bliss and returning to the real world, I am realizing that my lemons need to start making some delicious cocktails. Life is too short to dwell on the bad, and with only two more months in Eugene I need to live it up as much as I can. And to do that it means enjoying the little things, the things that make life great. Because when you do that things don’t seem so bad.

This Favourites Friday focuses on the little things this week that made me smile or cheered me up or generally were just a plus to my week. It’s time to celebrate life for the great things, not for the fact that life is stressful and imperfect.

Who’s ready for some cheerful favourites?!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

Here’s to the Little Things: A Favourites Friday

1. Origins Clear Improvement™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores

I have always had bad skin, so during big events I end up putting on a lot of makeup to look good. I ordered this face mask in a half-hearted attempt to possibly clear up my skin before graduation. Low and behold, it is a miracle worker! By graduation morning there wasn’t a spot on my face and my nose pores – the size of kiddie pools – were nearly invisible. This mask made this week so great because I finally have the skin I’ve wanted for so long and that makes me feel so beautiful that I can’t even describe to you.

2. Sims 3 University Life

I’m a Sims junkie, and when I have free time I like to start building my little houses and people. As a graduation treat to myself I purchased the University Life expansion pack, because why not? I have thoroughly enjoyed creating myself and living out my college career as a Sim. So far I have become a communications major (that sounds familiar), lost about ten friends because I spent too much time studying (do they not sutdy?), lost an organ to the medical school, and learned the school cheer. Yes, this purchase is the highlight of my paycheck.

3. Moscow Mules

On the last day of my website design class my professor took us out for drinks. This is where I discovered the perfection of Moscow Mules. Ginger beer, vodka, and lime, this drink is everything I want in a cocktail. So when my family went out to dinner to celebrate my finishing of school forever (once again: NO MORE SCHOOL FOR MORGAN) it only seemed fitting to order my favourite drink. It’s special to me because it’s the drink that makes me feel so adult with the special cup and it doesn’t taste gross. I love this drink.

4. Anthropologie Monogram Mug

If you have your eye on the latest home good trends, you’ll know these Anthropologie mugs are extremely popular. For graduation my mom gave me one, and I sort of feel like I need to start a decorating blog just so I can talk about it. These mugs are everything I love about drinkware: Sturdy, chic, and great typography. Since receiving the gift I have used it for hot chocolate, ice cream, and my ever favourite chai lattes. They are extremely photogenic and will make any drink you have Pinterest worthy. Plus, Anthropolgie’s current sale makes them only $5!

5. e.l.f. Volumizing & Defining Mascara

I’m a mascara hoarder, but I still struggle to find the right mascara to everyday use. I like my lashes to look slightly fuller and darker for a daily look, and with mascara trends now it’s harder to find something that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing clumpy false lashes. This mascara is a godsend. It lengthens lashes and fills them out naturally, while separating them individually for a natural look. I’ve had more than one person assume I’m not wearing mascara because of how natural my eyelashes look. It’s an easy mascara to apply and goes perfectly with my “No, I’m not wearing makeup” makeup look.


Never let your lemons get you down.

Stay classy, Internet,












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