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Favourites Friday #35

Welcome to the first week of Morgan’s incredibly long summer. It’s a summer filled with long days of work and applying to jobs like she’s getting paid to do it.

One of the hardest things about summer is maintaining a professional look while not dying in the heat. It’s hard, especially when you walk to work like I do. But that’s why there are certain ways to style yourself to make sure you look in tiptop shape for the office, without looking like the heat is killing you.

Today’s Favourites Friday is all about how to look cool for the office all summer long!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

Professionally Summer: A Favourites Friday

1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

Because of how hot it is, it’s important to scrub all of that grime out of your skin at night. That’s why this amazing soap is my new favourite! With different batches for oily, dry, and mild skin, there is a soap just for your skin that will keep it blemish free for great skin!

2. Wanderlust + Co Double-Spike Silver Cuff

This bracelet is my favourite. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t add weight to your arm, but still looks visually interesting. I love pairing it with a buttoned shirt or a cute dress. Very versatile, which is perfect for summer.

3. Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Pink Nude

I really struggle finding a nude lipstick that works with my complexion. But this lip crayon perfectly compliments my fair skin tone and keeps my lips moisturized all day long, even in the heat. I always have it in my bag.

4. Middle parts

Maria Menounos with a Middle Part updo. I wanna do this for Sunday!:

I’ve never been one for middle parts, but this summer it’s been the easiest option for the summer. No heavy sidebang dripping with sweat, or worry about becoming too Trump-like with a simple middle part. Currently I love doing a middle part with a messy bun, great for the heat and the office!

5. Coloured shorts

Street Style 2015: fatigue shorts from Madewell and  pointy flats from Celine:

Shorts are one of those summer staples that’s pretty sketchy on the office dress code. But choosing a coloured pair of an acceptable length makes shorts great for keeping cool and for walking around the office.


Stay classy, Internet,












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