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Favourites Friday #38

When life is a little too much, how do you deal?

Recently the list of everything I’ve had going on has gotten kind of long. Don’t believe me? Let me make you a list:

  1. Finishing up school

  2. Working my day job

  3. Starting a new business

  4. Doing my side job of being a virtual assistant

  5. Running this blog

  6. Practicing for my drive test

  7. Finding somewhere to live in a month

  8. Maintaining social relationships

That’s a lot! But even when things are this insane, I know there are certain things that keep me sane in the face of stress. And this week, that’s what I’m celebrating.

This week’s Favourites Friday is about everything this week that has kept me in the right mind and not bogged down with stress. Thank goodness for these things!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

Living My Best Life: A Favourites Friday

1. Julep Lip Shade in Macaroon

This is the perfect summer lipstick. It is extremely moisturizing and doesn’t run or anything, making it perfect for long days of me running around making copies, doing interviews, and scheduling appointments. I love this colour because it’s very subtle and compliments fair skin well.

2. Cheesecake Factory

To celebrate our first client with my business partner, we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. To think that we’ve finally made it to the point where there is someone who wants to hire us other than friends is remarkable, and getting the chance to celebrate with some yummy appetizers and cheesecake (hello chocolate chip cookie dough!) was what makes it all worth it!

Also, if you order a drink from Cheesecake Factory, ask them to go light on the vodka. That was…intense.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

My roommate introduced me to this show and I’m hooked! Nothing like promising myself one more episode before getting back to work. For reference, this show does a good job of keeping feminist, despite the name. Between the musical numbers (the UTI song is my favourite) and the overall bizarre plotline, this truly is a fantastic show.

4. Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer

This is the coolest moisturizer ever and leaves my skin so nice! This moisturizer comes out like any other, but once it’s absorbed into skin it becomes little water droplets. The first time I spent about three minutes staring at my fingers wondering when I had gotten them wet.

5. 2048

In moments of deep stress with everything going on, I find solace in a quick game of 2048. While I have only won a few times, each game is rewarding and fun. It is truly the best stress reliever!


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