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Favourites Friday #4

This week has been a stress ball and a half. From three midterms to celebrating my rooommate’s 21st to learning three weeks of calculus in three hours, I’m ready for a long nap and some brownies.

But we all have long weeks and that’s part of life. But this Favourites Friday is all about taking that long week and making it much more lovely. This week’s favourites include little pick-me-ups that I discovered as the days went by that really made a difference when I was curled up chanting, “I am too busy! I am too busy!”

Hopefully this week’s favourites will spark some sunshine into your crazy schedule too.

The Long Week Pick-Me-Up Kit: Favourites Friday #4

1. Slader

I had my calculus midterm this week. And it just added to my stress. Luckily, I had a little helper to guide me when the tutoring center for closed. Slader is a free online homework helper. Just find your textbook, find your chapter’s homework, and Slader will show you the solution and how to get there. This was amazing for making me understand how to find a limit or just to get me through a tricky step. I definitely suggest this for people who are visual learner.

2. Popcorn shrimp

When you’re studying, you want something easy to pop in your mouth while those textbooks fill your brain. Popcorn shrimp is the perfect meal for that, especially if you’re pescetarian. I think it’s just delicious and carby and perfect for a busy week.

3. Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

My therapist brought to my attention the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center. It is based out of UCLA. I love their podcasts that guide you in breathing and being mindful of your body, reducing anxiety. I’ve tried it and it’s really helped me when I’m all up in my head.

4. The Flash

I just stared watching The CW’s The Flash on Netflix, and I really like it. The show is well done, as are most CW shows, and is very aesthetically pleasing, plus it isn’s as dark as other DC Comic shows. And Grant Gustin is just a cutie, so of course I like it. It’s my current binge, so I’d recommend checking it out!

5. Julep’s Brittany nail polish

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a Julep junkie. And after months of not using this polish because I’d heard some negative reviews, I love it. It is the perfect neutral, white-peach colour that really compliments my pink fair skin (especially with my Hawaii tan). I love how it pops but isn’t so bright to be distracting. And application really wasn’t too bad. Painting my nails after all my midterms definitely cheered me up.


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