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Favourites Friday #49

My first week as a real adult is finally over.

This week was really incredible. Not only is my job probably the best ever (I basically get paid to spend my day on InDesign and make sure my bosses aren’t drowning in work) I am becoming a lover of Portland.

This week I found some really great things as I navigated the real Beaverton world. These things have to do with my job, my busy schedule, and everything else I’ve discovered in the week since I moved.

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

Welcome to the Real World Portland: A Favourites Friday

1. Twins

How cute are they?

I got to spend the days before starting my adult job with my favourite twins, Lex and Kadysha. These girls always have me smiling – even when I’m stressing – and getting to spend some time with them truly put me off to a good start.

2. Magic Giant

Magic Giant was one of the opening acts for the Eric Hutchinson concert I attended last week. They were so full of energy and positive vibes and this week their music has been my anthem to getting me through. I seriously recommend you listen to them.

3. Pumpkin spice oatmeal

Image result for pumpkin spice oatmeal

I’m not very hungry at 6am (which is when I eat breakfast), so a little oatmeal is perfect. And this stuff is delicious! I love how it feels like autumn in my mouth and keeps me full all day. Truly the yummiest oatmeal Quaker has ever come out with!

4. Uwajimaya Asian Market, Beaverton, OR

Image result for uwajimaya beaverton

This place is right near my work and I love it. I went in here for lunch and you can get about any sort of Asian food you could imagine in here. I love how affordable the prices are and the variety! Getting a pack of California rolls and a tea is more affordable than going across the street to some other places.

5. Uber

Image result for uber

What happens when your TriMet bus is late 8/10 times? You take Uber. And every experience I have had with Uber while starting this job has been amazing. Between the woman who discussed the IT business in regards to women, the man who bonded over our love of Solvang, CA, the other man who let me sleep for a few minutes on Monday morning in traffic, and the woman who continually told me I was very accomplished for my age, I love Uber in Beaverton.


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