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Favourites Friday #5

The weather is finally cold and rainy here in Eugene and I love it!

There’s something about this weather that brings out the Brit inside me, and I rejoice in wearing warm clothes and drinking hot ciders. It’s a truly beautiful time of year.

All of that being said, this Favourites Friday definitely was inspired by recent weather changes. It’s been a week of rediscovering my closet and becoming the baker I was born to be. It’s been a pretty good week.

Warm & Toasty: Favourites Friday #5

1. Hot apple cider

Hot apple cider truly is such a great drink for this time of year. It’s not a heavy drink and has every ounce of fall in each sip. I’ve been a hot apple cider fanatic. I even discovered how to order a chai apple tea from Starbucks over mobile order. I’m obsessed! You can pick up powder packets from your local grocer or try Pinterest for some recipes.

2. Flannel

It’s been a while since I shrugged my red plaid flannel on before leaving the house. But after shoving it on before class the other day, it’s now a wardrobe staple. Flannel is warm and cozy and comes in so many gorgeous patterns, making it a great cold weather staple.

3. Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara

You know that feeling when you find THE mascara and it changes your life? That’s this mascara. It makes my lashes big and dark (my two biggest concerns) without clumping or looking unnatural. It honestly makes it look like I have camera-ready natural lashes. This mascara ($24) is completely worth each penny for how great it makes my lashes look.

4. Pumpkin spice cookies

It’s fall, and while I can’t stomach a pumpkin spice latte, I like to get my pumpkin in at the end of October. That’s why pumpkin spice cookies (or bread, if you prefer) is the perfect sweet treat. It has all those yummy fall flavors! Just be sure to eat one before the party, all your guests will eat them all!

5. Big blankets

Because it’s so cold, I like to have a little warmth to cuddle in when I get home. A big fluffy blanket, like my fleece one, keeps me nice and snuggly when watching films with boo on the weekend or just doing some last minute homework on the sofa. It’s the time of year to invest in a good one!


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