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Favourites Friday #50

How have we already made it to 50 Favourites Fridays?

Fifty times now we have come to this TGIF day of the week and talked about the things that have defined my week. And we’re going to be doing it a whole lot more!

This week marked my second week out in the adult world by myself and it’s been an interesting one. I’m starting to gain my footing (and I’m figuring out Portland zip codes) and it’s good to finally be somewhat in a comfort zone again. I’m still struggling a bit, but with faith I can do anything.

Anyway, this week’s favourites are things that show just how well I am taking on my cool new suburbia lifestyle as a millennial.

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

Settling In Suburbia: A Favourites Friday

1. Grey jeans

Image result for american eagle grey sateen hi-rise jeggings

I usually only own blue or black jeans, but I love grey jeans! They are universally flattering with everything I own and are a great change from everything else. I love pairing them with loafers and a navy cardigan and wool hat for a cozy work look.

2. Apartment hunting


I’m starting to look for my own place now! I’ve put an application into one place (so fingers crossed and good vibes and prayers!) but it’s been good to look at places for myself and to see how my life will be as an adult. Plus, I miss my stuff.

3. iPhone 7 Case

After purchasing my iPhone 7 case a few weeks ago, I have discovered that finding the perfect case for me is difficult. But this beautiful matte black case with coppery accents is chic and classic – just how I like it. Plus, the matte texture makes it not slippery and it’s not bulky!

4. Combination lipstick

This season's new Nars Satin Lip Pencil dresses up lips in statement shades that…:

I have always liked my dark reds and my deep plums, but what about uniquely coloured lipstick? This week I have been layering e.l.f. Cosmetics Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose under treStiQue Matte Color Lip Crayon in Florence Fig and the result is this gorgeous pink/red/brown/purple/neutral colour that I love. And as it slowly fades during the day I find no need to reapply because it just ends up looking more like a natural lip colour. It’s fantastic!

5. Bones

Image result for bones tv show

My show is back! If you don’t know, when I had medical problems a few years back I used to watch this after I got my blood drawn. And now I can watch the 11th season before falling asleep (because your brain remembers weird stuff like that) and I sleep so well and it’s lovely!


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