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Favourites Friday #53

After three weeks in my apartment, I am happy to announce that it is finally 75% done. While I still need to buy new sheets, hang art and mirrors, and put together some shelves, it’s come together quite nicely.

I love my new apartment because it reminds me I’m an adult. No more having to compromise with roommates over where to hang artwork or have to share the electricity bill. This place is all mine and I pay every bill, which means I can decorate how I want!

This week I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces from my apartment. I promise I’ll share more when everything is put together, but a perfectionist never shows the before!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

The Enthusiast’s Home Decor Guide: A Favourites Friday

1. The end basket I almost didn’t get


I was in Target way before I moved in and saw this, and didn’t get it because I couldn’t transport it. When I did move in, I went back to Target and couldn’t find it. Three trips after, I found it and bought it immediately! I love the clean lines and how it doubles as a basket/end table. And pairing it with my little plant (which, yes, is fake, considering I live in PNW) I love how fresh and simple it is, but makes the space feel relaxed.

2. Frederick


I love Frederick. He holds all my Halloween candy and looks cute doing it. Another Target buy (almost everything on this list is from Target) I like how fun it makes the small space on my counter, while not being too distracting with the tan colour. My biggest tip in decorating is to keep it quirky, and Frederick doesn’t fail!

3. Meet my lamp


A brass lamp feels trendy, but fits into most spaces as a neutral piece. I love this one (Target) because it isn’t a big statement piece, but compliments the space well. It also weighs a million pounds, so I’m not going to be moving it any time soon!

4. My go-to bookshelf look


Whenever I move this booksheld I decorate the shelves the same with a collection of books, DVDs, CDs, and miscellaneous trinkets from over the years. My big change in this apartment was to top it with my portrait of Big Ben and my collection of jewelry. I wanted the top to feel neutral to balance out the insanity of its contents.

5. My other end table


I like end tables, sue me. I love this one (Target) because of the contrast of wood and black. I topped it with some flowers from work (that I picked out – perks of being an assistant) and my candles that I burn almost every night when I’m writing. I like that the table has colour but still remains neutral like most of the apartment.


And that’s it! Like I said, when I’m finished decorating the other 25% I will be sharing photos of the entire studio. This will be my best interior design portfolio piece yet!


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