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Favourites Friday #55

Well, I asked for it, and I got it – a white Christmas.

There is an inch on the ground – which might as well be a foot in Portland – and I have decided to spend my weekend snuggled in fleece blankets and eating Trader Joe’s shortbread cookies. Sounds pretty good to me.

This week was long and I am glad to be done with it so I can look forward to a weekend of relaxation and finally getting my eyebrows waxed. Seriously, moving to a new city means spending forever finding an aesthetician for your brows. Especially when they are as wonky as mine. So I thought I would spend this week’s Favourites Friday sharing the things that I have been looking forward to this weekend.

TGIF: A Favourites Friday

1. Urban Waxx


Urban Waxx is one of my favourite places ever. Not only for the beautiful aesthetic and delightful staff, but because every time I get a wax there I never regret it. They take amazing care of their clients and my waxes seem to last longer than any other time I’ve gotten my eyebrows done. I used the Eugene location the last few years, and now I’m excited to try Portland.

2. Christmas films

Hello to a weekend of all my favourite films! I need some Christmas cheer in my life and nothing is better than hours and hours of holiday films. And doing it in my snowflakes jim-jams and with hot chocolate only makes it better.

3. Bubble bath

Image result for bubble bath

In adult life I have learned to love taking baths. With lots of bubbles. And during the weekend when I don’t have responsibilities to take me away from home I can hang out in my bath tub with candles.

4. Old Navy Brunch squad

Image result for old navy brunch squad

My favourite sweatshirt that I reserve especially for weekends. 1. Because I love brunch. 2. Because it is crazy comfortable. I will literally wear it every chance I can and this weekend it will be my ensemble as I lounge on the futon.

5. amika Nourishing Hair Mask

This cold weather has been messing with my brunette tresses and they need some TLC. This mask keeps my hair nice and shiny and feels lovely while it soaks into my strands. I can’t wait to get my hair back to 100%.


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