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Favourites Friday #56

Okay, I’m over this snowy weather.

I love cool weather, bundling up in a cute outfit, drinking hot cocoa, slipping in front of the cute guy in the other building…but I’m kind of sick of the snow. My car won’t move, roads are a mess, and I still have to go to work.

Can we fast forward to spring?

Even though this snow has got me down, it has allowed me to break out some of the rarely seen parts of my wardrobe. And that was fun for me, because sometimes we forget how much we love those items that get tossed in the back once the seasons roll round.

This week’s favourites are a collection of the items that have become a godsend on this cold winter mornings.

Bundle It Up: A Favourites Friday

1. Toggle coat

WOOL TOGGLE COAT AND TURTLENECK SWEATER, Eliza and James Roosevelt sunglasses:

I love my toggle coat. But the thick material and oversized hood makes it a little difficult to show off in July. Pairing it over jeans and a sweater makes it block out any icy chill; and toggle coats have one of those great qualities of always looking adorable because of the toggles.

2. Oversized sweater

Top knot + ivory turtleneck sweater.:

While I have many of these, I have been obsessed with the new olive green one I just bought. It’s the perfect comfy, slouchy style in one of my favourite highly saturated colours. I can pair it over jeans or leggings or, as I’ve become accustomed, pajama bottoms while I’m out doing my thing in the cold.

3. Thick socks

thick knit socks:

Everyone needs to own at least one pair of cute thick socks. Because I wear them all the time. Whether they are peeping over the top of my combat boots or hidden behind my heavy Hunters, they keep my feet warm all season long. And warm feet are a necessary thing when snow gets in your shoe.

4. Beanies

winter style:

Nine times out of 10 you look cute in a beanie. It’s all about buying the correct one, but any look gets better with the right beanie. And whether it’s my tan pom-pom beanie leading the way, or my thick grey one keeping me warm, the beanie adds an element to any style that is highly functional.

5. Heavy scarves

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As time has gone on I have become less of a scarf fan. I still wear them a lot, but have weeded a bunch of them from my wardrobe this year. But when the winter chill comes in, those heavy scarves are my godsend. Wrap them up nice and tight and enjoy never being cold, even when you’re locked out of your apartment.


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