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Favourites Friday #57: 2016 in Review

2016, I am ready to say goodbye. 2017, are you ready for the challenge?


As we end this week and begin to enter 2017, there is time for reflection. As a society we have decided that 2016 was by far one of the worst years ever. But before we sink down into all the things I disliked about 2016, I want to celebrate all of my favourite memories on this last 2016 Favourites Friday.

Before I start, here are some numbers I associate with 2016.

2: Graduations I attended

101: Movies I watched

5: Inches of hair I cut off

21: Age I turned

200: Miles I moved

3: Number of goals I accomplished this year

And now, after those lovely numbers, here are the five favourite memories from 2016:

Farewell 2016: A Favourites Friday

1. Graduating College


This year was phenomenal because I received my degree. After three years of learning about media, becoming BFFs with InDesign, and learning what true, ethical journalism is, I am really proud to be a journalism graduate of the University of Oregon.

2. Getting a job/moving to PDX


And to celebrate that degree, I got a job! I am very lucky to be able to be paid to spend eight hour a day on InDesign or running random errands that allow me to explore the area. And moving to Portland for this job has been amazing too, as I am closer to family and friends and a city that feels like home.

3. Buying a new car


To begin this celebratory moment, I also got my license this year, which was five years in the making. But now I’m a driving pro and with my fancy little baby Henry the Hyundai, the two of us run the streets of Portland as we travel between Trader Joe’s and Target.

4. Turning 21


I look very tipsy, actually just tired from taking a midterm.

Yay for legal! This year was my discovery of the Moscow Mule, how much I truly dislike beer, and that what I like most about alcohol is how pretty the glass I can put it in. Basically, I only wanted to turn 21 to pretend I’m Carrie Bradshaw.

5. Starting a business


If you’re unaware, this summer my best friend and I started our own interior design/wardrobe consulting business. And while we’re on hiatus due to big changes in our lives, it has been amazing. We had our first client and it taught me that what I really love in life is being a style dictator/helpful designer. If you want to check out our business, click here for our site.


And that’s my favourite moments from 2016! Here’s to an amazing 2017 that will be even better! Happy New Year!


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