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Favourites Friday #58: New Year, Better Me

As it is the first Favourites Friday of 2017, I am very excited to announce that the theme is products that make me a better/happier person, because that’s what the new year is about: Learning from last year’s mistakes.


This week I really focused on trying things that solved problems I have. I am happy to say that most of my experiments helped and I am looking forward to having a much better year because of it. Life is about trying, and I hope this first week continues this.

Let’s see what I discovered on Week 1, January 2017.

New Year, Better Me: A Favourites Friday

1. Formula 10.0.6

Originally purchased because they fit the 3.4 oz requirement of TSA, I tried the Formula 10.0.6 brand for the first time with their Three Times Sublime and Seriously Shine Free. Both have solved 90% of my skin problems within a week of use. Three Times Sublime is a mask/exfoliator/cleanser that got rid of my acne, made my face smooth, and didn’t dry it out. Seriously Shine Free is an oil-free moisturizer that leaves skin matte all day – seriously. Both have upped my skin game so much that I only need to cover my acne scars now. You can find Formula 10.0.6 products at

2. Udderly Smooth

For Christmas my mother gave me a bottle of Udderly Smooth lotion and it has changed my life. When I get stressed my skin becomes incredibly dry and cracks. The skin of my right thumb was so cracked it looks like bread crumbs were glued to it. One week into applying this to my hands in the morning and you can’t even tell! I will always have a bottle of this in my purse. You can find Udderly Smooth lotions in most drugstores.

3. Buckwheat smoothies

Image result for buckwheat smoothie

I read somewhere that Adriana Lima drinks buckwheat smoothies and now so do I. In the article the nutritionist said that they could help with bloating and she was right. My body bloats like a fish if I so much as look at salt, but one of these in the morning and I’m bloat free no matter what I eat. And if I have some leftover I drink some before bed and notice great results. You can buy a five pound bag of buckwheat here on Amazon.

If you’re unsure what to put in your smoothie, I usually put some frozen strawberries, blueberries, cut up banana, a little bit of honey, and almond milk. Add spinach for a little boost!

4. What to Eat Pad

Image result for knock knock what to eat pad

If you struggle with eating everything you have/eating the same junk every day, I recommend getting one of these. You can plan out your meals for the week, which can make shopping and cooking easier. I love it because it helps me plan out when to use my leftovers so nothing goes bad. This week I discovered how many great recipes I could make with just a little planning! You can buy this pad here on Amazon.

5. Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion

Something I want 2017 to reflect is being stress free. I have spent many of the last few years highly stressed out with school and drama. This year I have neither of those things and I want to keep it that way. This lotion is so lovely because the calming effects of lavender and chamomile help relax me when I am feeling a tad stressful. You can purchase this lotion – and the matching body wash – at your local Target or drugstore.


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