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Favourites Friday #59: Snowmageddon

If you’ve been keeping up with Portland weather, you’re aware of the nasty snow storm we just got. Actually, all of Oregon is basically a white wonderland. And it’s basically ruined everyone’s week.


While many can’t leave the house due to ice, and delivery pizza is a dream, I spent this week either bundling up to go to work, or vomiting in my toilet. That’s right, as the snow fell, so did my immune system. But I’m a trooper, and did my best to continue working from home while making it from my laptop to bathroom in under 30 seconds.

This week’s favourites are about how to survive Snowmageddon, and keep healthy when you’re pretty sure you’re dying. Enjoy!

Snowmaggedon: A Favourites Friday

1. Peach Honey Tea

This stuff has been a lifesaver. It has kept me hydrated and slightly caffeinated enough to finish InDesign work. Plus it tastes lovely and is very soothing to a rough throat. Thank you, Peach Honey Tea, for being there for me.

2. St. John’s Bay Puffer Coat

I bought this jacket at the new year for 90% off. Not only does it keep me ridiculously warm, but the puffiness is to a level where I don’t feel like I am a marshmallow man. Available at JCPenney’s, and definitely worth adding to your winter wardrobe when you’re clearing off your car at 7am.

3. Parlor by Jeff Chastain Smoothing Blowout Spray


When I did have to go to work this week I was not looking forward to looking presentable when I really wanted to just crawl back into bed. That’s why I love this spray, because a few spritzes and a quick blowdry later and your hair is ready for anything. It looks shiny and full of volume, but you only spent seven minutes on it.

4. Old Navy Boot Socks

These socks are amazing, and for $9 they are even better! I’ve been wearing them with boots – and by themselves – and they keep my feet nice and toasty. Even when I’m trudging through eight inches of snow. They come in a great variety of styles, which is why I have more than one pair, they’re too cute! (P.S. They are only sold instore)

5. “Castle on a Hill”

Ed Sheeran resurfaced on the music charts this week and I love “Castle on a Hill”. “Shape of You” is also fantastic, but “Castle on a Hill” is the greatest song for feeling like you’re at home with your favourite people, which is all you want when the weather is crappy. It’s also very soothing when you’re trying to nap at 3am after a particularly bad upchuck session.


And that’s this week’s Favourites Friday! I hope everyone is staying safe in their winter weather and I’ll see you on Monday!


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