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Favourites Friday #6

Okay, we’re getting to that time in the term where things are getting serious.

I’ve been feeling the stress, along with the thousands of undergrads who are also sitting in my seat. And when that’s going on, sometimes you’ve got to revel in what isn’t your exams and homework. Studies have shown that the best way to study is to take study breaks, and this week I’ve been utilizing the study break at it’s finest. And I think it’s made me more productive. And gotten me through more Netflix seasons…

That’s why the theme for this week’s Favourites Friday is things that have been great distractions for my stress. Because when you take a step back and focus on other things, life seems a little bit better. 

The Week 6 Survival Guide: Favourites Friday #6

Criminal Minds

I’ve watched this show before, but now I’m a bit older and am a queen crime show watcher, I thought I’d give it another go. Not only is this how an amazing distraction, but I was actually able to reference it during class this week. Can you say winner?

Google Docs

You know what’s annoying? Writing a two page short story when you have inspiration, and then your computer restarting before it autosaves. That’s why Google Docs was created! I’ve been using Google Docs for my NaNoWriMo novel, but it’s great for any sort of writing or presentation needs you have. I especially like it for sharing documents with co-workers because it’s much simpler to view and edit than sending in an email.

Breakfast sandwiches

Do you love egg and sausage McMuffins but hate spending money on breakfast? Me too. That’s why I’ve been making homemade breakfast sandwiches this week. It’s just a whole wheat english muffin (I’m trying biscuits next week), a microwaved egg (super simple), sausage round (I use vegetarian), and cheese (completely optional, I don’t). They are delicious and cost effective. In total it cost me $10 to make 6 sandwiches, and I have enough eggs left over to use them for next week. Try this!


NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. You can learn more about it, and my experience, here. I’m writing my love guru memoir this month and it’s been a great distraction for when I’m weighed down with school. Fun fact: One of this week’s motivational writers was my Whitman College tour guide. Small world!

Moccasin slippers

My feet have hurt so bad this week from all the walking around campus I’ve been doing. Which means they need a break. And my slippers are doing a great job. They keep my feet warm and cozy and make it seem like I’m walking on a cloud. I love my slippers, they are definitely the best part of this week.


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