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Favourites Friday #60: Lavender Luxury

My favourite thing in the world is lavender. It makes me smile whenever it comes up. And while I cannot smell, the sensual relaxation that lavender gives the brain is worth basically filling my life with lavender.


Here are the lovely pieces of lavender that I fit into my life to make sure I always feel great.

Lavender Luxury: A Favourites Friday

1. Dr. Teal’s Lavender Foaming Bath

Image result for dr teals epsom salt bubble bath

This is my new obsession. Not even kidding. Pouring about a cup of this into a hot bath and sitting in it has so many great effects on my body (smooth skin, calming effect, lovely bubbles) and I literally giggle in happiness.

2. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash

Had a rough day? Take a shower. This body wash has the calming effect of lavender in its formula to help melt away the stress. After using this for a few weeks, I can tell exactly how much it works with just the little stuff. And I smell amazing! (as told by other people)

3. Lavender candles

Image result for lavender candles

I love having lavender-scented candles. I love to have them lit next to me when I’m writing, when I’m in the bath, when I have friends over, or even when I’m just watching a movie by myself. Always have a few in the house so that you can relax with just one little flame.

4. philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance

When I’m not using my usual Tory Burch, this beautiful fragrance follows me around with a soothing lavender scent. It’s delicate and lovely. If you’re looking for a new perfume that helps promote relaxation, look no further.

5. CoverGirl Roses TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette

Image result for covergirl roses

What’s wrong with adding some lavender to your look? What I love about lavender-hued shadows is that they go with all eye colours and are so lovely paired with any outfit. This palette has lots of purplish colours to work with.


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