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Favourites Friday #64: That {lactose} Intolerant Life

One of the worst things that ever happened to me was finding out that I am lactose intolerant. No, not because I could no longer chug 2% milk, but I found out because my stomach had horrible grumbling fits during my 5th period chemistry class where I sat right behind my crush.

Yes, milk was the cause of my tragic lack of love.


But six years later I have learned to deal with leaving lactose out of my diet. No, it’s not quite as fun as eating whatever you want, but adopting a more dairy-free diet has definitely improved my health and made eating with friends with an actual allergy not as bad.

Below are five amazing tricks to eating lactose-free in the last few years (and some in the last week) that I think everyone should try because they taste just as good as the lactose!

That {lactose} Intolerant Life: A Favourites Friday

1. Veggie Grill

Image result for veggie grill

This place is amazing! Completely vegan, everything I get here is great. My favourite is the B.L.T.A. (tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) and it’s probably better than other B.L.T.s I’ve had. If you’re new to eating vegan (or leaving any sort of dairy, meat, or animal product out of your diet) I would suggest trying Veggie Grill to help your cravings for McDonalds.

2. Rice milk

Image result for rice dream

Normally when I go to the store for milk I just get whatever non-dairy milk is on sale. This week it was rice milk. Rice milk reminds me of 1% milk (which I grew up drinking) and it’s very refreshing. I avoid soy milk when I can because too much soy isn’t good for the body and almond milk is yummy, unless I accidentally buy the wrong flavour. Rice milk is perfect, usually on sale, and is yummy with my gluten-free brownies.

3. Vegan cookies

Image result for trader joe's vegan cookies

Oh yeah, I’m onto vegan cookies now. Trader Joe’s has the best vegan chocolate chip cookies with walnuts (I’m literally obsessed with them) but when I’m feeling adventurous in my tiny studio kitchen, I’ll find recipes for vegan cookies. Remember, vegan means no dairy, which means I can eat as many as I’d like.

4. Vanilla soy ice cream

Image result for vanilla soy ice cream

Did you know they made soy ice cream? Because I didn’t. But now I do and it’s delicious. I was nervous to try it, but it tastes just like normal ice cream, but I’m not writhing in agony after two bites. As decreasing dairy can be beneficial for health and skin benefits, I would recommend this for your ice cream fix and beautiful skin.

5. Coconut oil

Image result for coconut oil for cooking

Yes, I know coconut oil is highly overused in everything now, but I’d never used it for cooking before now. Yes, a tablespoon in my bath makes my skin soft for a week, but could the same stuff be used in replacement for butter? The answer: Yes. A little bit of oil in my pan helped fry my shrimp nice and yummy without giving myself coconut-flavoured seafood. If you haven’t made the switch yet, definitely try it in your cooking, it’s pretty remarkable.


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