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Favourites Friday #65: Songs of {sorta} Spring

As we welcomed March this week, I expected Spring to peek it’s head out and welcome us with greenery and sunshine.

Instead it’s been grey and rainy.


To keep my mood up – and my long car rides fun – I have a playlist in my car of songs I love to sing along to and will always belt. I thought today I would share it as they are truly wonderful songs that my broken singing voice actually can pull off. Happy Friday!

Songs of {sorta} Spring: A Favourites Friday

C’Mon – Panic! At The Disco feat. fun.

Ugh, this song is just amazing! I love to sing along, while also moving my hand rhythmically around my steering wheel while stuck in Portland 6 o’clock traffic. Points for doing both P!ATD and fun. parts.

You’re Mine – Maybe Next Summer

This song is just so wholesome and sweet. I particularly enjoy it at 7am while I’m heading to work and trying to avoid all the school buses. My dream goal in life if I ever end up being in a reality show is for this to be the theme.

Star Girl – McFly

It’s been a decade since I’ve discovered this song and I still love it. I plan on it being played at my wedding. And when I’m stuck in my car in back to back traffic, nothing keeps me from me looking like an idiot than screaming the lyrics at passerby because Danny Jones gets my heart pumping.

Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

You know how we all have that one song that we act all moody while we sing and if someone’s in the car we point at them? This is the song where I act like my passengers have betrayed my love. Shawn Mendes is also bae.

Ugly Heart – G.R.L.

Perfect roadtrip song. Even when I’m just driving across Portland, this is the song I want to listen to when the sun peeks out from the clouds. The message is great and the sassy finger movements that go along with it are even better.


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