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Favourites Friday #67: Polished Basics

This week was filled with lots of mornings where the idea of doing my hair and putting on something other than yoga pants seemed impossible. But luckily I know exactly what basics are needed for a polished look in little time.


This week is focused on the polished basics I keep in my back pocket to keep looking fresh and professional week after week.

Polished Basics: A Favourites Friday

1. Loafers

leopard loafers:

This year I discovered loafers and they are the perfect shoe as a professional step up from the flat. I wear them to work and in casual times and they complete every outfit. Having a trusty neutral pair (mine are black) and something more exciting (like this gorgeous leopard pair I picked up from DSW) make for every outfit being a loafer outfit.

2. Rosy blush

How to Make Cheeks Rosier Naturally – Beauty Tips to Get Rosy Cheeks:

If you watched The O.C. you’ll remember how Marissa Cooper’s cheeks were always a beautiful rosy colour that made her look awake and ready to go. Take a page out of Marissa’s book and dab some blush on your cheeks (like my favourite Lancome Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque) before heading out in the morning to seem alert and happy to be at work.

3. Statement necklace

Champagne  and Grey Jeweled Crystal Statement Necklace / Anthropologie Necklace / Chunky Statement Necklace / Bib Necklace / Jcrew Necklace by AnneEmmaJewelry on Etsy

Nothing elevates a simple outfit more than a great piece of jewelry. Choose something that looks great over a plain shirt and look like you woke up in time to get ready. This great piece from J.Crew is sure to turn heads and look instantly polished.

4. Detailed blouse

Boheme embro mix // sheer sleeve floral peplum bohemian chic hippie style boho black:

If you’re not a jewelry person, choose a shirt with great detailing. It has the same effect as statement jewelry but is infinitely easier to pull off. And you can find them at almost any store, such as this beautiful top from Gap. Who doesn’t want to look put together for work by just pulling on some pants and a shirt?

5. Pulled back hair

Emma Watson: Hair Style File. She's so elegantly prety I'm insanely jealous..(in a nice way though lol):

If you’re 100% in a pinch, pulling back your hair is definitely the fallback. Even just pinning back the front pieces can make you seem awake and prepared. Try and find a signature style you can do quickly so that you never have to worry about your hair on those hurried mornings.


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