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Favourites Friday #69: Bon Appétit!

I love food. Food is something that can take on so many different forms depending on the culture, the situation, and the palate. It’s just fascinating.


This week I got to experience so many different foods as I started doing my 98% paleo (I make few exceptions) diet and tried out some new recipes because I’m just that kind of girl. Aka, a girl who realizes she’s a grown woman who needs to start cooking instead of heating up everything in the Trader Joe’s frozen section.

So, for this Favourites Friday I am going to share all the food-related things I loved from this week. Let’s dig in!

Bon Appétit: A Favourites Friday

1. The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Image result for the autoimmune paleo cookbook

This cookbook was recommended to me by a friend with Hashimoto’s. The recipes and lifestyle choices in this book are for those battling chronic illness and it is truly a great read. If you are someone who knows that gluten and dairy are an issue for you, I recommend picking up a copy. Plus, some of the recipes look really yummy and I’m excited to try them out!

2. Crockpot white chicken chili

I made a big batch of this (from Gluten Free Daddy) on Sunday and it is absolutely delicious and incredibly easy. I’m someone who doesn’t like to spend more than 15-20 minutes prepping and I didn’t find this laborious at all. Plus, it’s gluten-free and still tastes amazing, so it’s perfect for your entire family.

3. Avocado

Image result for avocado

I love the meal plan I’m on because there is lots of avocado. I love avocado. I love to put it on turkey wraps, and on my eggs, mushed up on some chicken, etc. It’s been great to find new ways to enjoy avocado and it’s been way too fun eating it!

4. Suzette Creperie

Image result for suzette creperie pdx

This cute little restaurant was introduced to me by a friend and I love going in and trying something new. If you are in downtown Portland and aren’t sure what you want to eat, I would recommend trying out this place because it is as cute as it is delicious!

5. 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Image result for paleo

I am currently doing Diary of a Fit Mommy‘s 30 Day Paleo Challenge (with a few modifications for dietary preference – I don’t like pork) and it is fantastic. The recipes are easy to follow and use lots of the same ingredients. I’m only a few days in, but I am look forward to every meal I make, which makes eating healthy so much better.


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