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Favourites Friday #7

Is anyone as excited as me for the weekend? It’s been another insane week of midterms and every IT problem ever happening at work. If I ever have to see another malfunctioning copier again it will be too soon.

That aside, this week has actually been pretty great. It’s my boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary, my hair has been on point all week, I understood something in my calculus class, and the Panda Express on campus tastes better since it’s renovation. It is truly a week to celebrate!

Celebration is this week’s theme for Favourites Friday. As we enter the holiday season it is important to remember all of the great little things that add to happiness. This week I am focusing on what added to the great last seven days. Who’s ready?

Glam, Glitter, and Garden: Favourites Friday #7

1. ‘Marla’ Julep polish

I am 100% obsessed with this colour. It’s dark and vampy, perfect for fall, but has a holiday shimmer to it that makes it work in a cheery way. Holiday vamp. One coat covers completely and it’s too thin or too gloopy. Since I applied it Saturday afternoon it hasn’t chipped, even a little. I’ve received countless compliments and have decided to use this as a go-to polish for the future.

2. Peppermint white chocolate mocha

Calorie counters, move aside! If you have 500 calories to spare, I would recommend this for your caffeine fix. This drink has gotten me through a midterm, a very extensive research paper, and a few days of NaNo. It’s minty and sweet and one of the few coffee drinks I can handle.

3. Curling irons

All of the people throwing out their curling irons for straighteners are absolutely ridiculous. A curling iron is one of the best tools for lazy mornings when you have twenty minutes to go from grunge to glam. You can curl, straighten, smooth, etc. On Wednesday I went from gross bed head with ten minutes to spare, to simple smooth hair that polished off my look as I walked out the door. My 1″ Conair curling iron has saved my hair more than once this week.

4. Home & garden magazines

I think in a past life I was a housewife who spent a lot of time in waiting rooms reading magazines. This week I’ve flipped through more than one home & garden magazine, checking recipes and seeing the best tips for painting an accent wall. It’s stuff like this that relaxes me when I have a stressful week.

5. Winter coat

It is cold! And by cold, I mean my fingers might fall off at any moment. But instead of bearing it with a smile, I’m wearing a winter coat and keeping warm. A good winter coat means style and warmth, and that’s what my *many* winter coats have done for me. Without a good winter coat what would winter be?


Stay classy, Internet,









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