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Favourites Friday #70: Lazy Girl Hacks

Does the idea of getting up and spending an hour getting ready sound like too much of a commitment? There’s nothing wrong with being lazy, especially when it comes to getting ready for the day.


Even as a morning person, I struggle with getting ready most mornings. Any product that can make looking pretty easy (and take very little time) is considered good in my book. I thought I’d share my go-to’s for mornings where I just want to lie in bed, but I’ve got places to go.

Lazy Girl Hacks: A Favourites Friday

1. CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer

Any lazy girl knows that concealer fixes all problems. Dark circles? Acne? Uneven skin? I love this concealer because it’s such a breeze to apply because of the soft applicator. A quick swipe under my eyes, a little over my spots, and quickly blending with my fingers leaves my skin looking natural and healthy even when I feel like the walking dead.

2. Pointed flats

Make Your Point: These 13 Pointed Toe Flats Will Upgrade Your Shoegame:

A big part of getting ready is having the right outfit. I never find the time at night to lie out an outfit, so when I’m rushing around my apartment with no idea what to wear, I need a go-to for making a polished look. Pointed flats are so easy because you can pair them with about anything and you instantly look fancy and professional. Even jeans! I love the ones linked above from Old Navy.

3. Kristin Ess Hair

Kristin Ess' Haircare Line for Target Is a Budget Friendly Dream #theeverygirl:

Kristin Ess is the hair behind Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale. Her new line at Target means you can have the same perfectly, imperfect hair for easy mornings and gorgeous hair. My personal favourites are the Working Texture Spray and Water Based Pomade to give my lob life even when I don’t feel like styling. And for someone with really straight hair, that means a lot!

4. Smoothie packs

Image result for smoothie packs

Unfortunately, laziness can bring out the unhealthy eater in us all. If you only have a few minutes to eat breakfast – or have to eat it on the go – you might as well do it with a smoothie. These smoothie packs are so easy (just add liquid) and you have a delicious breakfast that took you less than a minute to make.

5. Dove Dry Spray

Image result for dove dry spray

Deodorant that goes on smoothly, evenly, and doesn’t mark clothes is a godsend for lazy mornings. With an array of scents and sensitivities, this is definitely the perfect product for lazy girls.


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