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Favourites Friday #71: Old New Favourites

A little nostalgia hurt no one. Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.


This week, as I’ve been loading up on audiobooks for my car and trying to get the most out of my library card, I have been taking a trip down memory lane with all the books that made up my adolescence. Whether they helped me through a tough time, or simply made me laugh, it’s been nice to revisit them as an adult.

Old New Favourites: A Favourites Friday

1. Georgia Nicolson books {Louise Rennison}

Even as an adult woman I find these books hilarious. They chronicle the story of a British 14-year-old as she travels through love, friendship, and general life happenings. That might not sound interesting, but considering 90% of the books is made up of words like “nunga-nungas” “marvy” and “nervy b” that you can’t help but laugh. These books are particularly lovely for a laugh when you’re stuck in traffic.

P.S. Dave the Laugh is totally my soulmate.

2. Son of the Mob {Gordon Korman}

Image result for son of the mob

I don’t know anyone else who has read this book, but it is one of my favourites. A Mob prince – who wants nothing to do with the business – ends up dating the daughter of the FBI agent investigating his father and ends up engaging in quite a bit of criminal activity to keep it from her. Personal favourite anecdotes include, the lice incident, and Uncle Pampers bringing down the house at karaoke.

3. The Princess Diaries {Meg Cabot}

Image result for the princess diaries book cover

A fantastic series – and wonderful movie! – that makes me feel like I can relate to the Princess of Genovia. Even though I’m only a few books in, I have loved getting to read Mia’s story all over again, as I had forgotten how terrifying Grandmere’s eyeliner is, how into Michael she was, and, in the first book, how complexly uninteresting her father is. If you loved the movie, definitely check out the books.

4. Internet Girls series {Lauren Myracle}

Image result for internet girls series

Written completely in Instant Messaging, this series chronicles the lives of Maddie, Angela, and Zoe as they navigate high school and their first year of college. I grew up reading them, and reading them now I am amazed at how well it dealt with issues involving everything from crushes to unhealthy friendships. Reasons to read? Epic pranks of Jana Whitaker, Zoe and her hot tub teacher, and Glendy.

5. Ella Enchanted {Gail Carson Levine}

Image result for ella enchanted book

Honestly, I read this book every few years and it is mostly because of [spoiler!] Char’s love letter to Ella. You are truly transported to the world of Kyrria and all of the magical creatures within. You see the real problem with being forced to be obedient, and the fight that goes on within. But that love letter brings me to tears every time. Ugh, marry me Prince Charmont.


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