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Favourites Friday #72: Hair-y Styles

It has been quite the week for me. First there was turning 22 (yes, I have officially become the butt of a Taylor Swift song) and then there was preparing for a big meeting that I would give a 8/10. Out of all of this excitement, I’m ready for a nice big nap and some gluten-free cupcakes.


But with all of these big things going on, I’ve got to be ready for photos and seeing lots of people in person. So my hair needs to be in tip top shape! That’s why I am sharing my favourite hair products for keeping my hair beautiful no matter what I’ve got going on.

Hair-y Styles: A Favourites Friday

1. amika Nourishing Mask

Image result for amika nourishing hair mask

For that touchable smoothness, it’s all about using the right conditioning. This mask keeps my hair lovely and my ends looking flawless, even when I’m just rolling out of bed. Gentle enough to use daily or as a weekly mask.

2. Kristin Ess Water-Based Pomade

I’m obsessed with Kristin Ess’s line and I love this pomade. As someone with very straight hair, keeping a bit of texture into my hair is super important. Adding a little pea-sized amount of this to my hair keeps my hair looking interesting and fun even when I barely style it. This is also great for when you need to put hair up.

3. Hot Tools Marcel Iron

As someone who uses a lot of curling irons, I’m all for finding one for a good price and amazing quality. This iron has lots of tricks (like a locking handle, swivel grip, and more!) that makes doing my hair quicker and easier when I’m curling all 9,000 layers of my ‘do. 10/10 would recommend.

4. Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Image result for living proof no frizz

I live in the PNW, which means there is humidity at all times. Pair this with very delicate baby hairs and I have frizz all the time. This product 100% works! I haven’t noticed nearly any frizz, and it has been raining insanely over here. And it’s very easy to use as you just massage it in post-shower.

5. Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray

I’ve been curling my hair for over five years, and something important for my curls is separation and shine. This spray never leaves my curls crunchy, but makes them look more natural and shiny, which is perfect for when I’m running between meetings. Honestly, Kristin Ess is my hair goddess!


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