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Favourites Friday #73: Hulu and Chill

Let’s take a step back from the popular millennial catchphase “Netflix and Chill” and go for something that’s a little less common: Hulu and Chill.


Upon purchasing my Hulu subscription (the $11.99 one because no commercials!) I found that I liked the selection of television shows on the platform more than its rival. Hulu provides a wider selection of shows, and often provides episodes the day after they premiere. For someone who watches TV as background, it’s been a lifesaver for projects and cleaning the house.

Below I have compiled my five favourite shows on Hulu right now.

Hulu and Chill: A Favourites Friday

1. Making History

Image result for making history

SO GOOD! I love this show. Adam Pally is the perfect person for an ambitionless janitor. Leighton Meester is hilarious and refreshing as the daughter of Paul Revere. Yassir Lester is the contrasting compliment to the trio. I cannot get enough!

2. Great News

Image result for great news nbc

Imagine if your helicopter mom became an intern at your job? This show is most people’s worst nightmare and does a great job of being hilarious without feeling corny. And having it set at a news station just makes it relatable because THOSE THINGS DO HAPPEN.

3. Harlots

Image result for harlots hulu

A Hulu Original I stumbled upon, it is a great show to binge. Behind the world of prostitution way, way back, this show is visually gorgeous (and the gowns are so intricate!) and the plotline is fantastic. And Christopher is creepy.

4. Upstairs Downstairs

Image result for upstairs downstairs

If you liked Downton Abbey, this should be next on your plate. Set in early 1900s England as a newly married couple moves into his family’s home and make it societally acceptable, the cast is fantastic. One episode in and you’re already waiting for what quippy one-liner the mother-in-law is going to say next.

5. The Good Place

Image result for the good place

I love Kristen Bell. And this show is everything good about funny television. Vaguely unrealistic setting. Characters who argue amiably. Happy lighting. Beautiful character who gets on all our nerves. If you want to see what happens when you accidentally get sent to Heaven, you need to watch.


Thanks for reading! Want to stay up to date with all of my crazy shenanigans, what movies I’m watching, and how to live the best life ever? Check out my Instagram @PotatoesHegarty

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