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Favourites Friday #76: Little Luxuries

There are few things better than a Friday that leads to a long weekend. This week has been long and I’m ready for three days of sleeping in, lunch with friends, and soaking up the sun!

As I am reminded on weeks where I feel my patience tested, my plate too full, and my sleep depleted, the right little luxury can help make up for it. And that’s is what this Favourites Friday is all about.

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The Little Luxuries: A Favourites Friday

1. Kristin Ess Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask

Yes, even more Kristin Ess to add to my collection! I’ve been noticing lately that my hair has been really dry and frizzing out more than normal. This mask is amazing because it repairs the strands, adds moisture, and gives shine. After I shower I smooth the mask over my hair and wait an hour before rinsing out. My hair has never felt so alive!

2. Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Gel Mask

Image result for formula 10.0.6 gel mask

When I get stressed out my skin gets stressed out. This mask is a soothing treat as it calms down any redness and gives the skin a break. This brand is full of amazing products, and this one has been a lifesaver with the heat and my stress level.

3. Nike Flex Experience 6 Running Shoes

Image result for nike flex experience 6

One of the reasons I seem to never make it to the gym is that I find a lot of athletic shoes really uncomfortable because of my flat arch. So in a rage of “Fitness!” this week in hopes of relieving stress, I went out and bought myself some new running shoes. And these Nike’s {yes, I am another Nike Kool-Aid drinker} are comfortable for my funky feet. They can take me the distance and don’t feel bulky like some other flat arch shoes.

4. Harry Styles “Kiwi”

5. OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Filling in my eyebrows is something I almost never do because it takes time that I don’t have. But I like this pencil because I can fill in quickly with barely any pressure, meaning it takes less time and looks natural. Having this in my bag always makes my morning a little easier.



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