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Favourites Friday #8

There comes a time in life where you reflect back and realize that you need to get back to the healthy basics.

After having probably the most delicious meal of my life at the Oregon Electric Station last Friday (hello, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese) I decided to take a little turn and get back into being healthy. Being healthy is more than being thin. Being healthy is making good lifestyle choices that make you feel good. And that’s what I plan on doing.

This week my favourites focus on making good lifestyle choices and using products that make you look and feel good. Well, there’s chocolate too, but we all need some indulgence in our life. All of these favourites are going to make a huge difference in your life, as they did mine. When you feel good, your life can be so much better, so let’s get started so we can all feel good!

The Look Good, Feel Good Life: A Favourites Friday

1. Yerba mate

This is a new one for me. Yerba mate is a tea drink that has the caffeine strength of coffee (hello Monday mornings!) with the delicious taste depending on the flavour. This is so good for you and it tastes amazing too! I highly recommend this for people who don’t like coffee, but do like a caffeine boost first thing in the morning. It’s definitely a healthier alternative for lots of less calories and coffee bathroom stops.

2. Early morning work outs

This seems odd, but working out in the morning is possibly the best thing ever. And at 7:20 in the morning the gym is empty and you can use whatever elliptical you want. Working out first thing in the morning helps your blood flow start earlier and helps wake you up. And because you start the day burning calories, your body will burn calories more significantly during the day. I love working out in the morning and look forward to making this a lasting tradition.

3. TreStique Matte Color & Shiny Balm in Florence Fig

I am in love with this. I’m not much of a lip product person, but I am in love with this lip crayon. It goes on matte and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I love putting it on before leaving for class and throughout the day my lips, even when I apply clear chapstick, continue to have the same gorgeous nude colour that is very flattering for people with fair skin. Recommend 10/10

4. Chocolove peach and pecan milk chocolate

I bought this yesterday and ate it in about an hour it is so delectable. Not only is it creamy and sweet, but the use of peaches and pecans together is a combo I didn’t realize I would love this much. Chocolove also has lots of different flavours (I’m trying raspberries and dark chocolate next) and it’s definitely going to become a staple in my pantry for when I’m starving and need a chocolate fix.

5. Gluten-free recipes

So, one of my biggest food issues is gluten. I eat a lot of gluten. So I’ve decided to try to be more gluten-free in my diet. I spend considerable time on Pinterest looking at gluten-free recipes, and after a week of trying it, it isn’t too bad. I definitely recommend going gluten-free to people who have too much bread in their diet or who constantly crave sugar since most gluten-free foods replace the gluten with sugar. It’s definitely a good experiment.


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