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Favourites Friday #9

Who had a good Thanksgiving? I know I am plenty happy full of food and family.

This Favourites Friday is focused on all the lovely parts of my Thanksgiving – and more than just the buffet dinner I had. Thanksgiving week has been great, and as sad as I am to see it go and get back to the reality of a seven-source paper, it’s time to have one more hurrah in the form of Favourites Friday!

Let’s get down to the nit and grit of Turkey Day favourites, yeah?

Food, Family, Fashion: A Favourites Friday

1. Mashed potatoes

I love mashed potatoes. My mother and I have mashed potato nights we love mashed potatoes so much. There is something about creamy potatoes that makes me wish eating starch three times a day wasn’t frowned upon by modern society. I ate many a potato yesterday (the lady across the buffet totally judged me) and will likely make more when I go home.

2. Family

What I love about holidays is seeing family. And being surrounded by family yesterday was a joy. Catching up, eating meals, discussing what our execution meal would be, it has all been great. I will definitely miss seeing everyone when I get home.

3. Forever 21 v-neck mini dress

I was completely guttered when I though this dress wasn’t in stock, but then I found out it was and you can buy it here! I am so happy to have this dress in my closet because it’s seriously the perfect dress. The gorgeous burgundy colour (the one I have – they now sell in a very pretty hunter green) is very flattering and this dress works for any function – whether it be anniversary or Thanksgiving dinner.

4. In-N-Out Burger

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My inner Californian is showing…🍔🍟

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on Nov 25, 2015 at 9:00pm PST

As a Californian by heart and birth, I will always choose In-N-Out over anything else. And since there is now an In-N-Out in Medford, OR, you know that it was the first thing I ate when I crossed into town. There will be lots of Double-Double devouring and fry munching, and you can definitely tell by my lovely Instagram post.

5. Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Nude

Everyone needs a blush that works great for travel that will compliment you whether you’re sitting at family dinner or Black Friday shopping in your yoga pants. And that’s why I love this blush ($6). It’s subtle and natural, meaning that it doesn’t look like I’m super done up. This was definitely an essential packing item and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new blush.


Please don’t forget to check out the Christmas Instagram Challenge 2015 to start preparing! Only a few more days!

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