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Favourites Friday: Dutch Chinese Grace & Warby Take Naps

Favourites Friday

Once again, it’s our favourite day, Favourites Friday! Who’s ready to talk about my favourites from this week?

To give some context to my favourites, describing my weekend will make them make so much more sense. All week I’ve been pretty sick (nausea and all over pain, it’s been so fun I feel like I’ve gone through chemo) and it’s given me no sleep so I have no energy. Plus, I had some work training that was draining and the weather was all over the place. So when it came to favourites this week, I wanted something that was comforting, relaxing, and made my bad week just a little bit better. Because when it come to my weekly enthusiasms, you know they always hit the spot!

Morgan’s Friday Favourites ala Comfort

Chinese food

I don’t know why, but orange chicken is the answer to almost all my problems. It makes me feel warm inside, gives me protein, and it’s delicious. After heading to P.F. Chang’s with my boyfriend last week, I craved even more Chinese food this week, so it’s slowly become a staple of my diet and a definite favourite of the week. A side of rice and tea sounds amazing right now.

Grace & Frankie

If you haven’t started watching the Netflix original, you are missing out. I just started this week and I can’t stop watching. Grace & Frankie is about two couples. The men are business partners and the women couldn’t be too different. But when the men announce they’re leaving their wives for each other, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) must lean on each other for support in what must be one of my favourite shows yet. Plus, the beach house is gooooooooorgeous.

Dutch braids

Because doing my hair in the morning can just be the biggest pain when you don’t feel good, I need something that is cute, is appropriate for work, and takes about two minutes to do. That’s why I love Dutch braids. They take me less time than when I’m getting dressed! Perfect for any occasion and so pretty!


When you don’t feel good naps are a God send. That’s why I’ve been taking one almost every day. There’s nothing quite like cozying up in my bed with all my pillows (yes, there are a lot of pillows) with a score playing in the background (Harry Potter anyone?) and taking an hour out of my day to rejuvenate my mood. Plus, what better way to wake up from a nap than to have Chinese food right afterwards?

Warby Parker

If you aren’t familiar with the TOMS of eyewear, you need to be. I’m a big Warby Parker fan (my current eyeglasses are from them and they are on point) and I like how they run their business. In my leisure time this week I’ve been searching their website (and utilizing their home try-on) to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Currently I’ve been loving the Jennings frames in Whiskey Tortoise.


What’s on your Favourites Friday list? I’m craving Chinese now…

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Song Saturday! Last week I reviewed iTune’s Top 10 and this week I’m reviewing Spotify!

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