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Favourites Friday No. 101

Only 10 days to Christmas! With the holidays now in full force {hot chocolate and eggnog have become regular parts of my diet, as has window shopping} I am so excited for the happiest day of the year to be right around the corner.

I’ve been waiting for this week for a long time because the proposal I’ve been working on since September was finally submitted. I feel a weight has been lifted off me and I can now enjoy December! But besides the crummy work stuff, this week has been filled with so many things I love. From spending a great weekend with my mother shopping and brunching to picking out Christmas gifts to watching Love Actually for the first time this season, this week was everything this enthusiast needed. Sometimes we all need a reminder that life is full of good and bad, and the good always prevails.

Good Prevails: A Favourites Friday


In 90% of my bios it says “the only thing I take seriously is brunch” and I mean it. This yummy quince waffle and chai is from Cornell Farms Cafe in Portland and it will definitely be my new haunt for brunches to come.

Batiste Dry Shampoo


While I am a true believer in my Dove dry shampoo, I went on a limb and tried this because it said 96% of people recommend. And I can see why! I went twice as long not washing my hair with this dry shampoo and it made my hair feel healthy. We might have a convert over here.

Homemade candles


If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know I got really into candle making this year. I bought these cute little pots during Black Friday shopping and am gifting them to friends with a lavender/rosemary/grapefruit peel candle. They are the perfect gift and might become a tradition.

Cornell Farms

As mentioned above, I visited Portland’s Cornell Farms and their cafe last weekend. The entire nursery is gorgeous and I couldn’t find one thing I didn’t want to bring home. I’m really excited to go back in the spring and pick up some seeds to make a little garden on my patio.


Alright, I’m off to finish Christmas shopping and enjoy a weekend full of girls’ nights!

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