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Favourites Friday No. 102

With the end of 2017 only days away, I thought I would dedicate my last Favourites Friday of the year to take a moment and talk about how much I’ve appreciated the last 365 days.

To be able to share all of my favourite things and talk about mental health and general lifestyle topics, it is a joy I can never begin to share. I love being able to sit down and talk about the best parts of my week – and sometimes the worst – and wrap up on Fridays with the Favourites that kept it all together.

I hope you guys enjoy Favourites Friday as much as I do, and I can’t wait for 2018 so we can get even more awesome products!

Farewell 2017: A Favourites Friday

1. Christmas

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Merry Christmas from my family to yours! The holidays are so important to me and I’m so fortunate to be able to spend this time with them. May today be filled with eggnog, cozy fires, and your dog thinking all of those presents are for him #merrychristmas

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on Dec 25, 2017 at 2:19pm PST

I had such an amazing Christmas this year. My flight was not canceled and the snow was not as awful! Spending time with my family is always the best, and there’s something about the holidays that makes me feel so connected and grateful for everything and everyone in my life. From drinking eggnog and listening to Christmas music, my heart was very full this past week.

2. dpHUE ACV Rinse


One of my stocking stuffers was this apple cider vinegar rinse and I’m sort of obsessed with it. It is meant as a shampoo substitute and it works amazing, better than anything I’ve tried. My hair feels healthier, looks shiny, and I didn’t have to shampoo at all. For those who are in hair training like me, I definitely suggest giving it a try for the new year.

3. Hygge

Image result for hygge

I might be late to the party, but Hygge is sort of my life now. A creature of comfort myself, when I learned this term I was instantly hooked. A Danish term that encompasses coziness, connection, and simplicity, it is one of my core words for 2018. I’ve already started by lighting candles when I come home, planning meaningful time with friends, and by putting down my phone more.

4. Don’t Let Me Go

Again, late to the party, but I happened across this song and was left speechless. A huge fan of Harry Styles’s recent album, I love his solo sound. This song evokes all the emotions and has become my ballad for playing on the speaker loudly.

5. Younger

Image result for younger

All I’m going to say is, this show is a must for every 20-something girl who just needs a laugh and to believe in great men again.


Have a fun – and safe – New Years and I will see you on Monday for something exciting! *cough* giveaway *cough*

Stay classy, Internet,

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