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Favourites Friday No. 103

Growing up, whenever something difficult happened my parents would tell me “God never gives us more than we can handle”. It’s something that has followed me to adulthood and this week, was a big part of my life as I indulged in self care in a difficult time.

If you’ve seen my latest Instagram post, you’ll know that I was diagnosed with TMJ this week. It has not exactly been the most lovely of times {waking up with searing pain in my jaw isn’t my idea of fun} but it has been a lesson in taking care of myself. No hard food, constant heat application, and a regimen of anti-inflammatory drugs are the best ways to treat TMJ at this stage and I had to really work to take care of myself in a way I’ve never had to before.

This week’s Favourites are focused on self care and all the things that make TMJ slightly more bearable.

Self Care: A Favourites Friday

Lavender Candles


You all know I love a good candle, and this week I have been surrounded by them. The relaxing properties in lavender have tricked me into feeling better and I’d like to believe they are the cure to everything. Always have a lavender candle on hand, you never know when you’ll need one.

Heat Pack


I’ve made several jokes in my IG stories this week about my love affair with my heat pack. It provides the only relief from the pain and I couldn’t have made it this far in the week without it. I love this one from My Tagalongs that my mom bought me, it is too cute to handle.

Mini Pill Box


While I wish it was cute to carry around the large 1000 capsule jar of ibuprofen, a tiny pill box is what I’ve actually been carrying around for space purposes. Cute, affordable, and perfect to slip into your bag for any pain relieving emergency.


Image result for superstore

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes you just need a distraction to get through the pain. Superstore has been doing that for me. Why? 1) I love America Ferrera 2) I love Ben Feldman 3) The writers understand my comedic needs. Binge watching all three seasons has seriously been a welcome distraction and been immensely entertaining. I highly recommend.


Stay classy, Internet,

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