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Favourites Friday No. 106

It’s finally Friday! The week between two awesome weekends always seems to be the longest, and this week that couldn’t be more true. I had so much fun last weekend with friends, and am looking forward to this weekend trying new things!

For most of this week I felt really out of it {from a combination of several different factors} but tried to keep my spirits up by finding the best in everything. Whether it be by celebrating a great weekend or simply enjoying an inexpensive brow product, by enjoying the little things my week turned out much more fun than I expected.

Side note: One of the most fun parts of my week was on Saturday. I hit up a bar with a girlfriend and ended up sharing a table with this older couple. Turns out her niece is new to PDX and we now have a friend date planned! Life lesson: Share your heat lamp table, it just might pay off.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: A Favourites Friday

 Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Crayon Gel


After my favourite brow pencil ran out this week, I needed a quick drugstore product until I had time to re-stock. I ended up trying out Soap & Glory’s brow crayon and it’s great! One product to fill in and shape my brows, and it’s only $12! I love how natural it makes my brows look.

Veggie Grill

Image result for veggie grill

With my new focus on health, it’s been hard to eat out. I’ve been going to Veggie Grill a bunch and discovering all of their delicious vegan options. Eating bad has never been so good! It’s made eating healthy fun, which is definitely a miracle.

Front Back Earrings


I have been loving this fun, unexpected trend. A traditional pearls girl, I’ve been drawn to these backward style earrings and plan on adding a bunch of new ones to my collection.


After a talk with a friend about how fun rooftop bars are, we had to check out Departure at The Nines. An airline-themed bar with a gorgeous rooftop with heat lamps and a beautiful view of downtown Portland, Departure is a must visit. I’m excited to check out their dinner menu next.

e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint


I’m always looking for more affordable version of products I love. I always have Fresh Sugar Lip in my bag, but I decided to try e.l.f.’s version. I found it to be a bit more pigmented and matte, but was a great addition for when I want a more fun, bold lip on the go!


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