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Favourites Friday No. 108

There are weeks where I try as hard as I can to be the very best, but no matter what I try I seem to be in quicksand. This was one of those weeks. Success was just not happening.

This week I continued to feel completely inadequate. With the bizarre winter weather Portland experienced, combined with an insane amounts of tasks {both work and personal} I needed to complete, it was hard to feel that I was making a dent in my pile. None of my professional interactions were positive, and that’s hard on me. We all have that one thing that knocks our confidence, and mine is definitely being told off.

However, I didn’t want this week to soak in my lack of success, so I thought all the things that made this week better, even if just a little bit.

Making the Best of Things: A Favourites Friday

Puffer jacket


After sitting in too many meetings making crinkly noises in my winter jacket, I finally went out and bought a packable puffer jacket. This baby came just in time for all the snow this week, and has been perfect for all of the meetings, coffee dates, and cold cubicle work sessions I’ve endured. Everyone needs one, especially because they are so easy to pack away in your bag for those surprise freezes.

Straight hair

DEFUSEING                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I have naturally super-straight hair and ever since I was 16 I have been curling it daily. The struggle to embrace my natural hair is real, but this week I have been using my flat iron. Simply a quick go-over with my iron and a little spritz of texture spray and my hair looks great and takes less than five minutes. Definitely a time saver.

Keurig Chai Latte Cups


For Christmas my parents bought me a Keurig, a gift I didn’t think I would use much as a no-coffee person. However, my mother introduced me to their chai cups, and I’m obsessed! The perfect creamy, spicy chai ready in less than 4 minutes. They have completed my morning routine and I don’t think I’m ever going back.

e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara


I am forever obsessed with my L’Oreal mascara, but when I needed a black mascara I wanted something reliable and cheap. This mineral mascara is a gorgeous carbon black that makes my lashes look fierce. And yes, I did just use the term fierce seriously. Twice this week I’ve noticed people looking at my lashes. The formula also doesn’t dry out my lashes, which is great considering how dry the air has been here.


I’m off for a weekend full of meetings! What are your plans?

Stay classy, Internet,

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