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Favourites Friday No.112

Is anyone else over the pandemic? Just me? As Portland starts to slowly adjust to ~forever~ being in Phase I, we're discovering our new normal and making the best of it. I spend a lot of time at home, cooking and watching TV, and try to schedule as many socially distanced hang out as a week allows. Who would have thought we would still be here in August? Luckily this month was spent at my parent's house, eating delicious dinners on the deck and having movie nights while the dog uses me as a human lollipop. I've been back two days and I already miss them.

Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Well-Fed Soul

On principal, dishes that require more than five ingredients and 30 minutes in the kitchen are never going to be popular with me. This Mediterranean dish is the exception. These roasted sweet potatoes filled with crispy chickpeas and a cranberry-quinoa mixture are delectable, and the lemon tahini drizzle is everything and more. I inhaled this for dinner and wished I'd made extras, it's that good. The entire dish is healthy, filling, and gives a great source of protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling your best.


Yes, Hamilton lived up to the hype! I laughed, I cried, and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. And I keep singing "Elizaaaaaa!" randomly, but can you blame me? The $6.99/month subscription to Disney+ was worth every penny and if you have a spare three hours, you know what to do.

STIL Classics Daily Journal

While on the search for the perfect coil notebook, a friend recommended STIL. And once I landed there, I had to restrain myself from buying every paper good in the shop. I indulged in the Daily Journal and it's been such a lovely treat, with each day having prompts for affirmations, goals, ideas, and even a spot for daily journaling. Writing in the journal every day has become my new favourite little self-care task, and the journal is my new go-to gift for friends.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo

It's a cult-classic for a reason. While staying with my parents, I range from 2-4 days of not washing my hair. And with them living in the high desert, my kind of oily hair overpowers basic dry shampoo. This Living Proof Dry Shampoo works in Portland, but can it live up to the desert? Yes, it can. A little amount soaked up any dirt, and my hair looked clean no matter what day it was. Now excuse me while I go buy up every bottle I can get my hands on.

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