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Favourites Friday No.113

Anyone else excited October is here? I am fully ready to settle into cozy sweaters, all-day Halloween movie marathons, and drinking apple cider until there's a shortage. Autumn has arrived and this enthusiast is ready for it.

September was kind of a rough month for me. Full transparency - there were a lot of job rejections and I had to get really honest with my financial situation. Super fun stuff, right? But when adulthood stares me in the face, I like to take a step back and indulge in things that make me happy. Things that add to my quality of life, because life is too short to live unhappily. We need to indulge in what makes us feel our best when we're down. It's all part of The Enthusiast lifestyle. So here's what absolutely rocked my world in September!

Winky Lux Flower Balm

I don't like lipstick. I'm sure this disqualifies me from being a beauty guru, but I only like untinted chapstick. Colour rubbing off (and also potentially melting on my face, ick) just isn't in the cards for my beauty routine. So when I discovered this clear balm that adjusts to a perfect-for-me pink tint - game changer. The formula adjusts to your body's pH level and really is the perfect pink. I now wear it for all my Zoom calls to look put together, and when I do wear a mask I love that it doesn't rub any colour into the fabric. And for $16, it's affordable as an everyday lip balm.

Get Organized With The Home Edit

Noticed that the storage bins in Target are missing? It's because this show inspires organizing! I've been following The Home Edit for a while, and I'm so excited to finally watch their show. I binged it in a weekend. They split each episode into one celebrity client and one Regular Joe client - and they use the same techniques for both! Joanna and Clea are so fun and make organizing your home a tangible thing for any situation. There were new tips I caught on the show that I applied to my grossly overcrowded studio and I feel like I've gained back 100 square feet in a week. Cannot recommend enough!

Paper & Pear on Etsy

While we're on organization, before the show came out, I went a little overboard on getting my pantry manageable. For years it's been an overcrowded shelf filled with non-perishables that I can never use. I bought modern canisters from Target and then wanted to label them to make it even easier for me. And these Paper & Pear labels are GORGEOUS! I applied them to all my canisters, along with the new glass spice jars I ordered. Everything looks consistent and chic, and I may need to redo my bathroom just to order the soap labels. They are just so gorgeous!

IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet

I went to IKEA for storage boxes and, of course, came back with a lot more. Ever since I decided to renew my studio lease for a fourth year (!!) I knew I wanted to give the space a makeover. A lot of things haven't changed in the apartment since 2017, especially the furniture. When I saw this shoe cabinet in the showroom, I knew it was the kind of piece I had been looking for. Slim, modern, and holds a lot of shoes. Since I replaced it with my chunky Wayfair shoe rack I bought in 2017, I've gained back six inches in my foyer and the whole area looks more polished. If you are also small space living, this shoe cabinet is a must-have. And you can easily build it yourself as I did!


And I know you're reading this all and going "we want to see the redecorated apartment Morgan!" I promise there will be a house tour once I finish up some loose ends (refinishing my new dining table, selling old furniture, getting a new bookcase that will actually fit all my books) so expect something in the future! And always check my Instagram @potatoeshegarty because I'm always giving sneak peeks there.

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