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Favourites Friday No.115

Can you believe it's almost the end of 2020? What a year we've had! I'm entering December with a smile, excited to celebrate my favourite holiday in a different way. Decorating my apartment might be the extent of any holiday party I'm throwing, but it feels good to get into the holiday spirit! Let's end this difficult year with a little cheer and joy and giving - we could all use it!

As we unwrap our Black Friday purchases and start wrapping them for under the tree, here's the things I loved the most this past month:

Nike Therma Fleece Training Top

I recently began working at a company where athletic wear is the norm for work outfits. I've always been lucky to work at business casual companies, but this new work uniform is unlike any I've seen. I quickly started updating my wardrobe - I will take any excuse to try a new aesthetic - and this fleece is the best thing I've purchased so far! I even bought it in two colours! It's warm, cozy, and the pockets make it great for running around. The funnel neck style is new to me, but is coming in handy for these cold winter months, and is stylish!

Maelove Nia 10 Calming Facial Serum

My entire life I have had facial rosacea. And while I know it will never fully fade from my deep Irish roots, I know there will be a combination of products that makes me not feel like a human beet. A few weeks ago I added this niacinamide serum into my nightly routine and saw immediate results. My overall redness is down, and the usual irritants no longer make me flare up. The serum isn't sticky, there's no residue, and the relatively affordable price point makes it a great addition to my routine!

Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt

After sitting at a desk for my short-lived professional life, I am now a "freestyle worker" and spend most of the day hopping from space to space - but mostly standing and walking. And my feet hurt! This soak has been a godsend for a relaxing post-work bath to get me back on my feet day after day. Plus I will use any excuse to unwind in a bath with a glass of wine. Two scoops of this with a little bath oil and I am in bliss, with brand new feet at the end.

Colorfulkoala 7/8 Yoga Pants

Part of my new athleisure work aesthetic is choosing whether to wear yoga pants, joggers, or jeans each day. No matter what I choose, I want something sturdy, comfortable, and with pockets for my phone and other miscellaneous things I pick up. These yoga pants fit the bill. The high waist keeps me in all day, they are thick material, and the side pockets fit my phone perfectly. I bought three colours already, and will likely get more!

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