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Favourites Friday No. 116

How is this the first Favourites Friday of 2021? Luckily my obsessions right now are particularly fabulous, so it makes it okay. The summer is ending - and September is here with the promise of turning leaves and autumn decor- and it's time to get our lives in peak form so we can enjoy to the fullest. My focus lately has been on getting my mental health as positive as possible (which is difficult with the current political climate). Here's what I've been loving lately, what has been helping my mental health, and the exciting new Instagram challenge I'm doing!

Madewell Dobby Dress

I now live 10 minutes from a Madewell store and drop in there more than my wallet likes. Last week I saw this dress on the mannequin and freaked. It's the perfect summer to fall transition piece. Wear with sandals for a hot day, or pop on sneakers or booties for a more autumnal vibe. I'm planning my entire social calendar around wearing this dress as much as I can before winter hits.


As a child, journaling was a daily routine. When I was too tired I would dictate to my mother so that I had a written entry every day. Why did I stop? The past few weeks I've taken up journaling again and it's done wonders for my mental health. Even if it's two small, poorly written paragraphs, a weight is lifted off my shoulders. If you're someone who struggles with journaling (who doesn't dislike the blank page?) I recommend starting with lists. What are you looking forward to? What are you anxious about? What is making you feel off? I really loved reading "Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies" by Tara Schuster because she has an entire chapter dedicated to starting journaling.

Haus Strawberry Basil

This limited-edition flavour is the epitome of summer nights with friends. It tastes like sitting on the patio until midnight laughing about inside jokes. Juicy strawberries and sweet basil give the aperitif the essential summer flavours, and if you serve it over sparkling wine it's exactly what every summer influencer LA party feels like. I bought two bottles and Haus should be expecting another order from me soon.

"Hot Girl Walk"

I'd like to meet who coined this term because it sounds ridiculous to say out loud, but describes it perfectly. The "Hot Girl Walk" is essentially a 30+ minute walk where you are only allowed to think positive thoughts. No negativity allowed. I've transitioned this into a looped walk around my neighborhood listening to riot girl music and I'm allowed to think of things I'm looking forward to and things that make me proud. At the end I feel on top of the world. Since making this a daily part of my routine I have noticed that I typically feel more positive toward myself and my depression is a bit more in check.

September Sips

I'm doing another cocktail challenge! 30 days of cocktails in September featuring my favourites and a lot I've never tried. If you're looking to expand your palette or see me take photos of pretty glassware, hop over to my Instagram for a new cocktail every day!

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