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Favourites Friday No. 117

This Favourites Friday is long overdue, and long in length. So many good products have been coming my way! Now I share them with you because nothing is better than sharing the wealth with others!

Nécessaire Body Wash

Anyone else remember last year when every single person you've followed on Instagram was talking about Nécessaire products? When that happens I tend not to buy the product because sponsored products are a scam. However...

A month ago I was searching "best unscented body washes" and came across Nécessaire again. Their body wash has won awards, so clearly it has to be somewhat good, right? I bought a bottle with the intention of feeling like I wasted $25, but I was wrong. This stuff is magic in a bottle! Not only am I using less lotion because my skin is now naturally extremely soft, but I can feel my skin healthier overall. I put so much effort into my facial skincare to keep it looking soft and young, so shouldn't I also be using a body wash filled with niacinamide, vitamins C and E, and omegas? There's a reason every influencer and their 12 besties was posting about this body wash, it really is too good to not be shared.

This isn't sponsored, but if Nécessaire wants to sponsor me, I'm available ;)

Better Booch

Kombucha is delicious, but with all the added sugar I might as well give all my money to my dentist. Enter Better Booch, a kombucha with a lot less added sugar but all the incredible taste. And in nine delicious flavours! As a stomach problems hot girl, drinking a Better Booth on inflammatory days has been a game changer. My personal favourites are Morning Glory and Ginger Boost.

This is also not sponsored, but Better Booch you have my number ;)

Nike Swift Running Pants

Working at Nike WHQ, my wardrobe is now a solid 40% Nike. And with that comes a lot of trial and error as I order new work clothes. My coworker had these pants and they looked super comfy, so when I saw them I had to try them on. And they're incredible. Super stretchy, adjustable waist band, and have that fashion-forward athleisure vibe that I look for in all my work clothes. I wear them at least once a week, and as much as I want to gatekeep them I can't do that to my fellow ladies sick of wearing only leggings.

Citrus + White Oak Candle

Sometimes the best purchases are the random ones you grab at Target. Like this candle I purchased purely because I thought it would look nice on the coffee table. The scent is clean (I can't smell but that is how several people have described it to me) and welcoming, making it a great entertaining candle. Plus the chic packaging makes it look fantastic in your home. Win-win.

OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub

Another example of me trying to up my body skincare game, I bought this deeply on sale at Ulta and I love it. Not only is it a gentle scrub that doesn't make my sensitive skin crawl, but my skin feels so luxurious after each use. I have yet to use as a scalp scrub, but if it does to my scalp what it does to my arms, I am preparing to be the softest human to ever exist.

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