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Favourites Friday No. 118

We're deep in the holiday season! All year I look forward to December and immersing myself in holiday cheer. There's something about a season of giving and joy and yuletide that really connects with my empath ways. I feel just a tiny bit less stressed for once. Next week I head home for the holidays and can't wait!

Simple Modern Voyager Travel Mug

Simple Modern has quickly become one of the most popular brands to buy drinkware from, next to Hydro Flask, Yeti, and the like. And as we know, an overhyped product I do not buy. However, while purchasing a Secret Santa present I decided to test out their Voyager Mug and see the hype (plus I got free shipping). Um, these are not overhyped! Not only do they come in a wide variety of colours to fit all aesthetics and keep drinks their desired temperature for a long time, but they fit my small hands perfectly. I ended up purchasing both a 24 oz and a 16 oz to fit all my drink needs, and I don't think anyone has seen me out and about without one in hand since.

Haus Pomegranate Rosemary

Not to be dramatic, but this stuff is juice. It's dangerous. Haus describes it as "bright and herbaceous, this punchy apéritif blends pomegranate and berries with earthy juniper and rosemary" aka absolutely delicious and you will forget that it is 18% ABV. It's all the flavours I love and I will be buying every bottle in stock because it is the best drink I've ever had.

Christmas Parades

This past weekend I was delightfully surprised when I heard sirens outside and the Christmas Parade of my city passed by my window! To make up for the lack of activities available due to the pandemic, they had cars deck out in lights and drive through the neighborhood - so cheerful! I sat by my front window and drank wine and it was probably the most festive I've felt so far this holiday season. Christmas Parades should 100% be part of every city's celebrations.

The Essential Cocktail Book

It's no secret that I love a great cocktail. And my collection of cocktail books keeps growing! For my work's Secret Santa I was gifted this lovely book and I'm obsessed - I can't stop flipping through it. Each recipe has a aesthetically pleasing photo and the recipes are broken down super simple with a little bit of back story. Love! If you're looking for a great hobby book for a Christmas present I recommend this for mixology.

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