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Favourites Friday No. 119

Two weeks into 2022 is pretty good for remembering to write content, right? I started off my year with extreme acid reflux, which turned into a cold, which turned into fatigue after eating only broth for two weeks. I'm extremely grateful to have not caught COVID, but wow am I exhausted! As I ramp up into normal life again, here's what I have been occupying myself with while spending the majority of my time on my couch.

Crane 1 Gallon 4-in-1 Cool Mist Humidifier

Last October I went to Mississippi and the humidity was a godsend for my endless dry nose and ear infections. If it didn't feel like a swamp I would move in an instant. So instead I asked for a humidifier for Christmas and Santa (my mom) delivered. I love this humidifier. Within a night I could feel a difference in how dry I was when I woke up, and in a week I felt like a new person. This humidifier comes with three white noise settings and changes colour. If your 2022 resolution wasn't to buy a humidifier, this is sign it should be.

Also went in for my physical this week and didn't have an ear infection! Result!

Future Man

A hidden gem on Hulu, Future Man is the hilarious, raunchy, out-there comedy you've been looking for. Synopsis: A mid-twenties video game-obsessed janitor beats his favourite video game only to be recruited by warriors of the future to save all of mankind. If you're also in a deep depression from year three of the pandemic, this show will provide you with three seasons of laughter and thought-provoking battle scenes.

Warning: This show is not for prudes or anyone with a queasy stomach.

belif Pore Cleanser

Like every year after I visit my parents, my skin resorts back to high school and I break out like crazy. No one dislikes desert air like my delicate baby skin. I start each year with massive breakouts. This cleanser does an amazing job of cleaning out pores and getting those breakouts to clear quickly. I love that it is a true foam and takes no work to get a lather. Plus it doesn't make my skin tight! Will be adding to my rotation and probably bringing with me for all future desert air trips.

Five Minute Journal App

A few months back I got an Apple Pencil, only to put it in a drawer and forget about it completely. I rediscovered it this week and, since I am not an artist, tried to think of what I could use it for. And as a budding journal writer, why not do it on my iPad? I downloaded the Five Minute Journal app and really love the daily guided journal prompts. I use morning and night and have really found benefit from having to think about what I'm grateful for, what I can improve on, and actually writing daily affirmations.

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