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Favourites Friday No. 120

This week was all about "treat your self". From an expensive purchase to reward myself for a job well done to my new daily habits that make life richer, all this week's Favourites are focused on making every day feel set up for success. Life is too short to not feel special in the every day.

Morning Pages

I've been on a journaling kick, but I am very specific in what mediums I use. A notebook for focused thoughts and 5 Minute Journal for gratitude and goals. But what about when I need to word vomit and get all my feelings out? Morning Pages is fantastic for getting out everything you need. You set your own goal (I go for 500 because I'm a writer by nature, but they have lower word goals) and aim for putting in an entry once a day. When I'm feeling anxious or stressed, this app has been a godsend for helping me sort through my emotions. And if you're not a writer, my coworker told me she uses dictation to put in her entries and that's such a good idea!

AirPods Max

I love getting myself a little treat - especially when I've been hustling like none other. Last year was one of the busiest years my account has ever faced and it wasn't until I saw our 2021 stats that I realized just how much I personally accomplished in a calendar year! Definitely a resumé padding year. So as a treat I got myself something I've been wanting for a while - Apple AirPods Max. I've wanted wireless over-ear headphones for years, but find many of the models were uncomfortable on my ears. When I tried on the AirPods Max I fell instantly in love. The mesh ear cushions are extremely comfortable, the mesh top conforms to your head, and the added noise canceling is the cherry on top. They were a perfect treat for all my hard work!

Life's a Movie, You're the Main Character Playlist

I'm not much of a podcast person, so music is my main form of audio entertainment. And losing myself in the music is one of my main personality traits. All of Ari's playlists are great, but this one has been on repeat lately. It's the equal mix of soothing and inspiring, exactly what you need for being the main character of your own life. I feel more productive with the playlist in the background while I'm working - and it makes my afternoon walks a little more peppy.

Cinnamon Lattes

Before Christmas I went to brunch with a friend and there was a cinnamon latte on the menu. I'd never seen one before. It was the perfect not-overly-sweet, warmly spiced drink to get through the cold gray winters Portland is known for. Ever since, I've been making them at home with homemade cinnamon syrup (which is extremely easy to make) and oat milk. Equally good hot or iced, the cinnamon latte has quickly replaced my morning chai.

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