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Favourites Friday No. 121

Anyone else ready for the weekend? Life flies when you're in the fast lane and I am excited to slow down for a few days and smell the roses. In the meantime I've been enjoying the little luxuries and quality comfort food. Life is too short not to enjoy the little things!

Necéssaire The Body Serum

I am extremely picky about lotion. It needs to absorb immediately into my skin, not make my skin sticky in any way, and leave my skin unbelievably soft. And I prefer a lightweight gel as it absorbs quickest. It's a tall order for a lotion. I bought The Body Serum when it was on sale during the holidays and now I need to find a way to afford it all the time. It does everything I want a lotion to and more. My skin never feels more luxurious and hydrated than after I rub The Body Serum in. And a little goes a long way, which is lovely! I thought Necéssaire's body wash was the best, but their body serum is to die for.

Blueland The Clean Essentials

Sustainability is the way of the future and that includes your cleaning supplies. I have been a fan of Blueland for a while and finally splurged and got the Clean Essentials. It includes three Forever Spray Bottles, tablets for Glass + Mirror, All-Purpose, and Bathroom cleaning solutions, a glass foaming hand soap bottle, and a hand soap tablet. All you do is fill the bottles with warm water, pop in the tablet, and voilà you have quality cleaners that are easy and sustainable to refill. And if you're wondering how effective the cleaners are, I got weeks of soap scum off my shower with no issue.

And if you are just starting off with Blueland products, I highly recommend the Clean Suite which includes everything from The Clean Essentials, plus laundry tablets, dishwasher tablets, and dishwashing powder. I own the laundry and dishwasher tablets and they are one of the best sustainable purchases I've made.

Vegan Chickpea Gnocchi Soup

I love comfort food, but as my dietary restrictions grow that can be hard. I made this allergen friendly soup from Midwest Foodie Blog (I substituted the gnocchi for cauliflower gnocchi) the other night and it was delish! Hit the spot for cozy night in and was a hit with my dinner guest. Eating can be fun no matter your diet!

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