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Favourites Friday No. 122

Yes, it's finally the weekend! Sunny skies and Galentines plans await! And in a few short days I pick up my new puppy and take him home for lots of snuggles and playtime. It's all very exciting! And while I wait for all of these adventures to begin, here's what kept my week passing by extra fast.

Single Drunk Female

A Freeform show about alcoholism in young adults did not pique my interest in the slightest. I figured they would try to glamorize it somehow, or not do the disease justice. But I was pleasantly surprised at how genuine and heartfelt this show is. And funny. Sam is a dislikable heroine who you root for as you watch her struggles, and the characters who make up her life are 3-Dimensional. I already can't wait for the next episode.

Nike Element 1/2-Zip Running Top

I remember the day I got my job and they said the wardrobe suggestion was "half-zip, jeans, and sneakers". The only person I know who wears a half-zip is my golf professional dad, and that is not my aesthetic in the least. I've actively gone against wearing them for the past year. But when they were on sale the other week I figured why not try one on. And now I own three! Extremely comfortable, made with sustainable materials, and it really does wick off the sweat when you work out. And paired with the right pieces I don't look like a tennis instructor.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo

I have extremely frizzy hair. Having tried a lot of products on the market and not seeing a difference (or my fine hair being majorly weighed down) an anti-frizz shampoo was the next option. I really like how this shampoo really does keep my frizz at bay, and I don't notice it come back between washes. It also doesn't leave my hair feeling gross. 10/10 recommend for other frizz balls.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

When my roommate recommended a Snuggle Puppy after we visited my pup last week, I was surprised at how amazing this toy is. The heartbeat feels exactly like his little puppy heart! And I've definitely double-took a few times this week thinking it was a real dog. My hope is that the toy will relieve any anxiety he has being away from his brothers and sisters those first few days. Can't wait to recommend more Teddy-approved toys!

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