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Favourites Friday No. 123

What a week! As I bring my new puppy home while working full time it has been a full week! While I soak up the puppy cuddles here's everything that kept me sane through potty training.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

Despite growing up with dogs my whole life and spending a lot of times with my friends' pups, I was a little anxious about training Teddy. I've only ever enforced the Sit command, not actually taught it! After having a bit of a meltdown after doing some reading, Zak George talked me off the cliff. My mom gave me his book as a gift and I supplemented with his YouTube channel. A lot of what I was worried about was addressed, and I appreciate how Zak covers that it doesn't happen overnight and it's okay to give up somedays. I went into the ordeal feeling better equipped to handle puppyhood and will continue to use his content as a resource.

IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray

This product is by far the best heat protectant on dry hair. Not only does it protect my hair from all the damage, but it smooths all my flyaways and makes my hair feel lush and healthy. And if you have fine hair like me, it doesn't leave my hair weighed down or crunchy at all. An unexpected yet fantastic product find!

Sweet Touch Lychee Beer

Portland has been having some beautiful February weather, warm enough you can have an outside patio beer! A friend and me decided to do Galentines at this cute little Burmese restaurant and I ordered a lychee beer to go with my garlic noodles. It was delicious! All the texture of beer with a sweet, light lychee flavour. Perfectly complimented my meal and was the perfect drink to kick off the upcoming patio season.

Inventing Anna

When The Cut wrote their article on Anna Delvey I was instantly obsessed. Socialite scammer screams interesting. Last week when Netflix dropped 'Inventing Anna' I could not wait to block out my schedule to watch. The show does a great job of really capturing everyone's perspective, versus articles that have only focused on a few select personalities. Forewarning, the first episode was a bit boring, but sets up the rest of the series to be as fabulous as it is.

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