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Favourites Friday No. 124

What a week! Between the cold front across the nation and Russia invading Ukraine there's been a lot to unpack. This article has a lot of great organizations you can support to help Ukraine.

Dollface Season 2

I loved Dollface Season 1, and Season 2 did just as much justice to a show focused on friendship, embracing womanhood, and encouraging your power. It's a quirky show filled with fun characters. Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, and Shay Mitchell are a star-studded cast that make me feel really proud to be a modern day woman. 10/10 recommend to all my girlies.

Lotus Foods Rice Ramen

A random Costco find that has become a staple of my pantry. These gluten-free ramen noodles are delicious and take less than five minutes to make. My go-to recipe has been to mix with veggies and add peanut sauce and top with whatever protein is in my fridge. It's a Thai-inspired easy dinner that always satisfies.


Anyone else have a puppy that loves to bite in the morning? Teddy absolutely loves these chews and I'm already expecting to buy more bags. They are a rawhide-alternative and don't break into small pieces easily, making them a great choice for his early morning teething while I get ready.

Pavoi Ultra Thick Huggies

I wear these earrings a least once a week and always get compliments. They have the lowkey placement of a stud earring with a statement earring impact. My hair never gets caught in these hoops. And they are super comfortable! I have the rose gold and they are a staple of my earring collection, and for an affordable price.

Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack

While I love boba, I never seem to have the energy to go out and hit a stand. So having easy to make packets in my freezer is perfect! All you need is to add ice and milk. It's the perfect snack in the afternoon.

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