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Favourites Friday No. 125

Even if our day feels normal, there are those who are completely at unrest in their lives. Please help those in need in Ukraine if you are able:

My heart is with Ukraine and I stand by the efforts to keep peace. While Favourites Friday still happens, I still want what is happening in the world to be the headline. It is not unnoticed.

Paperfeel iPad Screen Protector

When I upgraded my iPad this year, my main priority was to use it for my daily to dos and other lists that make up my life. But if you've ever written on an iPad you know the screen isn't always ideal for long form writing. After watching some videos on what regular iPad users use, I ended up purchasing the PaperFeel and it's the best money I've spent. Extremely easy to install (and I purposefully don't have a screen protector on my phone because they never go well) and it really does feel like writing on paper. I've completely given up notepads and do all my lists on my iPad with this great add-on.

Abbott Elementary

Every year a new sitcom comes on the market and blows away the competition. Abbott Elementary is right on the nose with bringing a comedic view to the very real issues that teachers face, especially in an inner city community. The characters are well developed and we love to see several black female leads! I look forward to every week's episode.

LA21ST Womens Joggers

I bought these as sleep pants now that I have to hang out in 30 degrees every night for potty time and now I want to wear them all day, every day. They are SO soft. And extremely comfortable. They aren't the most flattering, but I will take comfort over fashion any day. I sized up two sizes since they're sleep pants, but you'd be fine with normal sizing.

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