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Favourites Friday No.126

Hello! It's been a hot minute since I last posted. Where to begin? I was dating, now I'm not. I was up for a promotion, didn't get it. I turned a year older, it was uneventful. And finally I applied for jobs and I got a new one! A lot has happened since April. I'm going into the second half of this year feeling a lot more optimistic and excited for all the changes coming up. Hoping it will inspire some new content and teach me how to dress business casual. If you have tips, send them my way! Until then, here is what I have been liking the last few months.


Several people recommended this show. I finally broke down and got HBO Max and this past weekend bundled down and watched two seasons. It's hilarious! It's so refreshing having a show about a comedian that isn't slapstick comedy. It's punchy and real and extremely funny. Jean Smart absolutely outdoes herself. If you haven't, add it to your watch list.

Buxom Power-full Plump Lip Balm

After seeing recommendations for years of this lip balm, I finally bit the bullet while heading to a wedding this spring. And now I'm obsessed and have it in two colours! It provides the perfect natural shine while hydrating the lips. And the colours are just beautiful. The nude colour is my go-to right now. I'm extremely picky on my lip products and this one may be what I have in my bag for the next few years.

KONG Puppy Tire

The KONG Puppy Tire has become Teddy's new favourite toy. It comes with us everywhere. It's fantastic for his teething, and the rolling component makes it great for play time. And the compact design fits right in my purse. It's been hard to find non-fabric toys he loves and this one was an instant favourite.

Spicy Pineapple Drinks

I forgot how much I love pineapple. And since remembering I cannot stop drinking pineapple juice. And after several different places served me spicy pineapple cocktails, it may just be my drink of the summer. The two I've loved are from Rontoms in East Portland (pepper-pineapple infused blanco tequila, lime, agave, chile salt rim) and Freeland Spirits in their Pride Flight (Geneva gin, pineapple puree, jalapeno + serrano simple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice).

All Trails

An unexpected app recommendation from me, I have been into All Trails for my weekend excursions. It's easy to filter and shows recommendations in my area, which is great when I'm deciding where to take Teddy on his special weekend walks. My only complaint would be sometimes where it shows the trail head at is wrong, but a quick Google Map search and everything is sorted. The app has shown me a lot of new trails I wouldn't have discovered otherwise and it's going to make for a fun summer!

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